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Ooh, what is this I hear, Lyrical Press going the way of so many other newish e-pubs, and losing whatever common sense they were born with?

sinking ship

You remember Lyrical Press don’t you? You should remember, Renee Rocco, the CEO was featured on here quite often.

I received three emails from three different sources, eager to let me know about the goings ons at Lyrical Press.

Honestly, who’s surprised by any of this? I just want to know which fucktards signed a contract that contained the following: (more…)


Warning, the following rant is full of bad words, so read on at your own risk

The decision by First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, and Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, to release the only person convicted for the Lockerbie bombing in 1988, has infuriated me no end. On grounds of compassionate fucking release? Are you fucking kidding me? There were 270 people killed in those attacks, where was the fucking compassion for them?

Alex Salmond is a fucktard

I believe that MacAskill’s and Salmond’s decision to release this evil man, was pure political posturing. He didn’t want to be seen to be kow-towing to US pressure, and so decided to release him despite the public outcry.

alex salmond

Kenny MacAskill is a wanker

I didn’t have any relatives on that plane, but I still have the overwhelming desire to go to Scotland and punch them both in the face for releasing that man. Due process my fucking arse.


(this is not a post; it’s literally a drive-by musing)

It is a sad thing indeed when a reader looking to figure out how novels are connected fares better looking at their fantastic fiction page rather than the author’s own site. (more…)

Readers share their experiences of health care in the USA.

A KKB regular writes:

Here in America, I called a highly recommended doctor in the spring because my heart was racing. The receptionist said “Why do you need the doctor?” I replied “Heart.” She told me the first open appointment for a new patient was a week and a half out. I wonder where the urgency for heart was. Sent for blood tests, my private insurance wouldn’t cover the bloodwork because they were routine. Lost the job and insurance due to back problem.

Ended up in hospital and was approved for medicaid. Thryoid, lymphodema and who knows what else. Bills still aren’t paid and guess what? My medicaid only covers family planning prescriptions. *sigh* What I don’t need. Meantime, I have pain medicine and anxiety medicine prescriptions that I can’t get filled. And when the thyroid is gone, guess I won’t afford that pill either. Bah.

If you would like to share your own health care in America experiences, please email me at Hairylemony @ gmail.com