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Yeah, I heard about the case of the model who successfully sued Google, in order to get them to reveal the name of an anonymous blogger who’d been mean to her.

Here’s the story from The Times Online:

A Vogue cover girl has won a precedent-setting court battle to unmask an anonymous blogger who called her a “skank” on the internet.

In a case with potentially far-reaching repercussions, Liskula Cohen sought the identity of the blogger who maligned her on the Skanks in NYC blog so that she could sue him or her for defamation.

A Manhattan supreme court judge ruled that she was entitled to the information and ordered Google, which ran the offending blog, to turn it over.

Ms Cohen, a tall, Canadian blonde who has modelled for Giorgio Armani and Versace, went to court after reading the wounding anonymous comments on Google’s Blogger.com.


Readers share their experiences of health care in the USA.

A reader writes:

“We can bail out the auto industry, the crooked bankers, everybody else but those most in need of help? We can pay crooked contractors $500 for a single toilet seat for a military base but can’t give the average Joe a break on the medical rollercoster?

I know all about filing bankruptcy due to illness. Back in the late seventies my DH and I were over $10000 in debt due to medical bills. Back then that amount would be more like $100000 now I’m sure. I couldn’t work and he was barely keeping us afloat. Our only alternative was bankruptcy. We lost our car, all our furniture…which had been used as security for a loan…and most of our dignity. It was the hardest thing either of us had ever done to sit in a courtroom before not only our creditors but other peoples’ and admit we had not ‘wisely handled our finances’…the sweet way the judge put it.

Something’s gotta give but I seriously doubt it’s going to be our government.”

If you would like to share your own health care in America experiences, good, or bad please email me at Hairylemony @ gmail.com