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Rescue Me, by Christy ReeceRescue Me

The first in a trilogy of romantic suspense novels, Rescue Me is also Ms Reece’s debut. The books follow three operatives from the shadowy private organization Last Chance Rescue which, oddly enough, specializes in rescuing people (particularly children) when other, public channels, have come up dry. This installment follows one Eden St Claire, LCR operative extraordinaire, and Jordan Montgomery, literally a blast from Eden’s past.

Here is the terribly misleading back cover blurb:


Readers share their experiences of health care in the USA.

Back in June, a reader wrote:

I am, right now, apparently in the minority of ‘well insured’. And you are right that I don’t want to go to UHC. My fear is that instead of elevating everyone up to ‘well cared for’ (like my family) we’ll get downgraded to ‘what’s the least that can be done for _______?’.

I realize that makes me selfish. But, my husband just had a major heart attack (he was dead @ work and they used the paddles to bring him back). He now has a pacemaker. He’s had cancer 2x in his life and a liver transplant. He knows he cannot ever quit his job (and we pray he always HAS his job). I do not know what he would do if he knew his living would break us. I do not want to find out.

So, I would be all for UHC, IF and ONLY IF it meant everyone was well cared for. Or, if we could pay for our own supplemental insurance that would continue to cover us as well as it does. But, it would still have to be affordable. And it won’t be if companies drop their coverage because ‘the government is taking care of everyone’.

I really don’t know how to fix it.

My sympathy for anyone that has had hellish nurses. I have to give HUGE KUDOS to the nurses, doctors and staff of University Hospital here in Colorado. They were absolutely wonderful with my husband (who was just released and came home today). O

Sorry for being long winded, when I don’t even have an iota of an idea of how to fix things…

If you would like to share your own health care in America experiences, good, or bad, please email me at Hairylemony @ gmail.com