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Readers share their experiences of health care in the USA.

A KKB regular wrote:

I will tell you that I understand that we can’t totally overhaul the health care system in the US. But some reforms NEED to be made. When we receive a letter from our provider saying that some medical procedures that are NEEDED, may not be covered, then it’s time to make some changes.

What my wife is going through is horrible. It’s not life threatening, so I can see why someone trying to make a dollar wouldn’t pay all that money for her to be admitted to that hospital. But it still effects her life in such a way that at least one to two days a week she can’t function as a human being. (And selfishly, that effects my son and I, too.)

Now whether it’s life threatening or not, something needs to be done. And besides, if the insurance company won’t cough up the money now for the admittance, they will be later for all of her emergency room visits or other doctor’s appointments to find other ways to take care of the problem. Or they will just drop her (which I don’t think they can do with group coverage like I have at work) and then we are screwed, because she has already been turned down in getting individual health insurance because no company is going to take a loss. They would be paying out more then receiving back in her monthly premiums.

It’s time to realize that health care should be a right, not a privilege, and we need to find a way to change this.

If you would like to share your own health care in America experiences, good or bad, please email me at Hairylemony @ gmail.com

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