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At the Midnight Hour, by Alicia Scott*At the Midnight Hour

* This is an old pseudonym for suspense writer Lisa Gardner, under which she published her first thirteen novels with Harlequin in the early 1990s.

From the waaaaaay back machine (also known as my local library’s used book store 😀 ) comes this charming little novel—Ms Scott/Gardner’s fourth published work, in fact. It is also the first of her Guiness Gang quintet, which follow four brothers and their younger sister’s stories.

Current fans of Ms Gardner’s suspense novels will find these earlier efforts to be much lighter on the mystery, and to focus much more on the relationship. Coupled with the restrictions of category romance writing (length, language, etc.), these novels are quite different in style than her more recent releases. Nonetheless, they are quite good on their own terms.


I know I said I couldn’t be arsed posting about #RomFailGate, but it’s currently 5am, and I’m wide awake. Also, I’m fond of assessing Blog Lovefests that have nothing to do with me, once the dust settles. I do so like stepping onto Mount Moral High Ground, from time to time, to see what it’s like.

Anyway, I finally got round to reading the follow-up blogposts and consequent comments by various people in Blogland re Romfail.

Here are my thoughts, and they aren’t in any particular order: