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I know I said I couldn’t be arsed posting about #RomFailGate, but it’s currently 5am, and I’m wide awake. Also, I’m fond of assessing Blog Lovefests that have nothing to do with me, once the dust settles. I do so like stepping onto Mount Moral High Ground, from time to time, to see what it’s like.

Anyway, I finally got round to reading the follow-up blogposts and consequent comments by various people in Blogland re Romfail.

Here are my thoughts, and they aren’t in any particular order:

1. I usually hate to agree with DA Robin, but I tend to go along with her assertion that a lot of the anti-Romfail stuff was probably more about hating DA, than hating #Romfail itself. I think the clue to this could be found with the people who referred to Dear Author as ‘her’.

2. Why didn’t the mass of people who were so anti-Romfail voice their opinions earlier? Were they scared to? If so, why?

I think that the people who point number 1 applies to, are cowards and sheep. They only felt safe voicing their opinion, once somebody else had taken the lead. This was their perfect excuse to bash DA, without standing out. Cowards indeed.

I shouldn’t be too down on sheep though, they do have their uses after all.

3. I don’t think Ray Garton is the bad guy here re Anti-RomFail, he just had the balls to say what he felt without having his hand held, or having a rocket shoved up his arse.

4. However, Ray deffo goes into my ‘Fuckard’ list for using sexist insults. He’s a man though, so I expect nothing less. (Hmmm… do I need to explain that last comment?)

5. I wasn’t interested in #Romfail or #RRTheatre so I didn’t follow either. Avoiding the whole thing was fairly easy to do actually. I resisted typing #Romfail into the search bar at Twitter. You Anti-Romfail peeps should try it some time.

6. If an author writes a book and it is published, that book is FAIR GAME to all. Of course having your work torn to pieces will hurt, but you need to avoid sites that are ripping your work to shreds if it’s likely to cause you to have a mental break-down. Seriously.

7. If you’re going to rip on ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Cyber Bullies’, own up to the fact that your hands aren’t exactly clean. Be bold, admit that you too can also be a bitch/bastard, then the question of hypocrisy can be nicely side-stepped.

8. Ripping on ‘Mean Girls’ does not automatically make you a better person. It just makes you feel more justified about your own meanness towards the ‘Mean Girls’.

9. Authors participating in #Romfail are playing a dangerous game. As an author, if you know that you wouldn’t want your book to be subjected to #Romfail, you should avoid sniggering and adding your own two cents worth. That way lies madness, if you ask me.

10. Why don’t the anti-Romfail people start a #RomPass Twitter campaign, rather than partcipating in #RomFail itself?

Because not many people would follow such a campaign, that’s why.

We are all guilty of finding flame wars more enthralling, than happy-happy posts. Sad, but very true. I don’t have to link to prime examples for proof do I?

OK, time for me to step off Mount Moral High Ground. Jesus it was dull on there. Give me Mean Girl Hill anyday, the view from there is much better. *g*

Please note: Comments are off because I’ve read all the opinions on this that I wish to. Sorry. Ok that’s a lie, I’m not sorry at all.

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