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Go read if you haven’t already, it’s very interesting.

I’ll post my thoughts in due course. Bet you can’t fucking wait.


  • I can’t

    (so hurry up, will ya? 😀 )


  • I’ll second what AztecLady said!


  • It all seems part of the eternal on again/off again romance between the tempest and the teacup. Participating in online drama is, after all, purely optional.


  • Throwmearope
    September 6
    7:02 pm

    And I’m sure it will be worth the wait. While drama is optional, Karen does it well and I am looking forward to the next installment.


  • I used to get caught up in every single flamefest that came along in Romancelandia, but when this one rolled around, I just had too much going on in Real Life to have even one brain cell left over to pay attention.

    And y’know what? I don’t regret that at all. Taught me a lesson, it did. 🙂


  • Best title of a blog post – EVER! 😆


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