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There seems to be something funny happening in Romland, do you feel it too?

You know when you’ve fallen out with a friend, but there wasn’t an actual ‘official’ falling out moment, and all you’re left with is this uncomfortable feeling that things have changed, and you’re not quite sure how to get back to the way they were?

I believe that we here in Romland are currently undergoing a falling out of sorts. I don’t mean the lovefests and blazing blog rows that have been happening for years, and will continue to happen long after I decide that this blogging lark is no longer for me, no, I mean the kind of where one party kinda feels betrayed by another, but they can’t actually pin-point where and how the betrayal occurred.

When I read Wendy’s rather super rant., I was all fired up to post a response, and I started writing, but I then got bored, so I stopped and thought fuck it, I’ll just write about the things that’s been pissing me off instead.

What can I say, I’m a happy-go-lucky type of girl.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my very important list of RomLand pet peeves: (more…)