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Friday, September 11, 2009
Posted in: womanly things

Apparently I’m pregnant. *g*

Continuing the theme, this week’s dilemma is as follows:

You’ve successfully helped build a business that is now thriving. You get on well with your colleagues, and you are well respected throughout the organisation.

You are then approached by a rival company, who have only just started up. They offer you twice the salary you are currently earning, and an office with an amazing view. You do your research and find that they appear to be savvy people, with plenty of experience in this particular field.

What do you do? Eager for a new challenge, do you take up their offer, knowing that it may take a while to help build a credible organisation, or do you play it safe, and refuse, knowing how hard it is to operate as a start-up company, in the current economic climate?

What would you do?