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Dilemma Friday: Would You Tell On Her?

Friday, September 18, 2009
Posted in: Dilemma of the week

This week’s dilemma is as follows:

You’re at a Romance Readers Convention, and you’re eagerly looking forward to meeting your idol, Nora Howard (humour me, people).

You’re wandering around the hotel looking for the room where the book signing is taking place, when you suddenly spot your favourite author, Nora Howard going into a room. You follow her, assuming that she must be going into the book- signing suite.

You walk through the door, expecting to see lots of people milling around, but in fact it seems to be some kind of large store room. You spot Ms Howard hastily throwing lots of books into a brown sack. She looks around furtively and you realise that she’s doing something rather naughty.

You back out of the room and wait until she comes out.

You follow her out of the building, and watch her dump the books into a bin.

When she leaves, you go along to investigate.

You discover that all the books are by author, Janet Bailey. You remember that a while ago, Ms Bailey was found guilty of plagiarism. She’d copied large chunks of writing froma couple of Ms Howard’s books.

You figure that Ms Howard has decided to get her revenge by dumping all of the books that Ms Bailey will need for the signings.

What do you do? Do you alert the hotel staff, so that the books can be returned to Ms Bailey, or do you ignore the whole thing, figuring that Ms Bailey had it coming, considering what a cheating skank she is?

What would you do?? *g*

(There is a 3rd option, but I’m assuming that you’re all as honest as the day is long, heh)