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I received an email the other day informing me that AP Miller AKA Patti Rebmann has got a new job. Apparently she’s the acquisitions editor at the soon-to-be-opened (slightly dodgy looking) XoXo Publishing.

You guys remember Patti right? She’s that imbecile who emerged at the height of the Mardi Gras publishing scandal.

Remember this love letter she wrote to me?

Karen Scott has a big mouth when it comes to slandering authors. Seems I am not the only one being attacked here either. She knows NOTHING about writing or publishing yet finds it necessary to post advise to authors regarding their career! And how much of a college education have she had?? NONE. What are her writing credits?? BOOK REVIEWS…Author Groupie…

Yeah, she loved me loads.

This is what it says in the About Us section at the XoXo website:

We are XOXO Publishing™ a division of Ninni Group Inc. We specialize in captivating readers the world over with our diversity of genres and superb quality of authors. The genres we showcase include (but certainly aren’t limited to!) romance, erotica, general fiction, and quality non-fiction in both novella and novel formats as well as standard length short stories and poetry. You’re welcome to come in, browse and get to know us and our work. Pull up a seat and stay awhile. We guarantee you’ll come back often and stay long.
We are happy to have you all.

XOXO Publishing™
A Division of Ninni Group, Inc

Pray tell who are the Ninni Group?

The name seems quite apt though, don’t you think? *g*

It strikes me that there is no information about who actually owns the company. None. It doesn’t even state who the editors are. They’re due to open in October for Oprah’s sake.

The only names that were listed on the website were the following ‘authors’:

Amelie Court
Angelique La Mone
Ray Gompf
Brianna Martini

Ever heard of any of them? No? Me neither.

Surely for the sake of transparency, they should at least list who the key principles are?

I have to say, I was less surprised by the discovery that The Batshit Loony One is an acquisitions editor for a yet-to-be-opened new e-press, than I was when I discovered that she was an author over at Noble Romance.

Jill Noble, what were you thinking?

Oh well, I guess even imbeciles deserve love too.

By the way, does anybody know anything about XoXo?

Thanks to you-know-who for the heads up


  • AnonymousLeo
    November 6
    9:20 am

    Website registration search finds that Gina Cianfarani’s company, “Ninni” is listed as registrant of an “event planning” company called Angel Wings Over Toronto ANGELWINGSOVERTORONTO.COM(a place-holder page)

    The Angel Wings Over trade mark is denoted as defaulted and abandoned with the CIPO

    Ninni, if it is legitimately incorporated, is not filed at this time as a trade mark entity, nor is it found filed as a corporation with Industry Canada ic.gc.ca


  • sexii_back_gurl
    December 14
    1:16 am

    wow this whole thing sounds a hot mess. Someone said above that it would be funny if XOXO was owned by Jaden, AP and Theresa –it would be every author’s nightmare! Those women are an absolute disaster when it comes to people’s books and their names. I was with Mardi Gras and they still owe me money. But *sigh* what are you gonna do right?

    But as for the the whole “not being trademarked as a business” with Industry Canada, I hope new authors who are considering sending works to XOXO google them and finds this because if the business is not registered with Industry Canada and they get caught, the authors lose too because the unregistered company can get fined up to ten grand or some outragous number like that and we all know they cannot afford that so guess what happens? The government then take everything the company owns in payment. That includes the rights of the authors’ works.

    I don’t know. AP and a friend of mine just had a run in and my gurl simply ignored her. I think that’s what you have to do when people like that steps in your face, just ignore then because then it gets blown way out of proportion *sigh* remember the days when writing/publishing used to be fun?


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