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I had to repost this comment from some troll on Emily’s blog in response to her XOXO Publishing post:

You people all sound like a bunch of losers with time on your but to backlash at innocent people!

The website looks good to me, I have not seen any of the above accusiations you’ve all stated. The book trailer is very professional and I like the music its catchy.

I have submitted my work and so far I have received a very positive feedback.

As I could tell the website has not been officially launched, meaning its under construction.

I think all of you are fakes and its only one person responding to the false information. You’re all a bunch of morons, jealous group of people.

Who is this Emily Vien something. What makes her an expert to judge a new business?

And in a further comment:

The spelling mistake was done purposefully! I know of Emily Vienglory I’m a former reader. I will no longer be one of them. Backstabbing people is not my
style. Seems that is it hers and a Karen Scott.

Talk about going with the E-pubTroll Blueprint. The comment itself could be the subject of a drinking game: One sip every time the word jealousy is mentioned, *hiccup*, 2 sips for every spelling mistake, *hiccup* hahahaha!!

What a twat.