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I had to repost this comment from some troll on Emily’s blog in response to her XOXO Publishing post:

You people all sound like a bunch of losers with time on your but to backlash at innocent people!

The website looks good to me, I have not seen any of the above accusiations you’ve all stated. The book trailer is very professional and I like the music its catchy.

I have submitted my work and so far I have received a very positive feedback.

As I could tell the website has not been officially launched, meaning its under construction.

I think all of you are fakes and its only one person responding to the false information. You’re all a bunch of morons, jealous group of people.

Who is this Emily Vien something. What makes her an expert to judge a new business?

And in a further comment:

The spelling mistake was done purposefully! I know of Emily Vienglory I’m a former reader. I will no longer be one of them. Backstabbing people is not my
style. Seems that is it hers and a Karen Scott.

Talk about going with the E-pubTroll Blueprint. The comment itself could be the subject of a drinking game: One sip every time the word jealousy is mentioned, *hiccup*, 2 sips for every spelling mistake, *hiccup* hahahaha!!

What a twat.


  • maddie
    September 24
    10:00 pm

    Is this what we come to as the human race that is you do criticize some one or do not agree with some one your are automatically charged as Jealous Moronic,Stupid and don’t know what we’re talking about.

    Why don’t you come up with something original.


  • Ghetto Diva
    September 24
    11:36 pm

    This of course could probably be AP Miller, that wonderful author, who writes scripts for movies, can be called a doctor, and also a freak….Hmmm AP why don’t you just hide under the rock you came out from? Do us all that favor.

    Course this could be just some random idiot, who had nothing else better to do then pick on Emily, who is classy enough not to respond.


  • Too Anonymous
    September 25
    5:44 am

    Why the persistence (by her and others) in calling them movies? She used to be proud enough to call a spade a spade on the groups and say they were porns. Must be a marketing gimmick and everyone’s falling for it even when they see “ads” spelled “adds”.


  • Anon76
    September 25
    2:01 pm

    The possibility exists that XOXO does intend to be a stand-up publishing house, but the signs are pointing in the opposite direction.

    That said, even if they do want to be legit, they won’t last long with current staffing decisions. AP Miller’s MO is to try and take down pubs if they slight him/her in any way. (Like not bowing to their God status.) The track record is there, and it is long.

    Publishers beware.


  • the unworthy
    September 25
    5:07 pm

    Just curious, didn’t Patsy Rebman use the same words – losers, jealous, morons- to describe those she claimed attacked her after the Mardi Gras fiasco? Not saying it is the same person of course, but the similarity gives goosebumps, you know? lol

    As for her movies, if the youtube videos released by AP Miller’s director are any indication, I won’t be making a special trip out for popcorn when these cinema spectaculars are released.


  • maddie
    September 25
    9:03 pm

    Maybe if she got Steven Seagal to be in her movies it would be a hit !!


  • Not the sharpest tool in the shed that one


  • This reminds me of a customer who reamed me out yesterday. At the same time he was putting us down, calling us nasty names, and threatening to destroy our business, he’d interject what a wonderful church-going person he was.

    Oh yeah, he was a real sweet guy just like this lovely person on Emily’s blog.


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