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Michael Vick gets a tv series in BET.

Excuse me while I go puke.


  • This better about him rescuing abused dogs, or I’m going to smash my TV. SICK.


  • Next there will be a reality show with Roman Polanski and his advice on how to escape the law.

    Sick, truly sick.


  • *blink*

    See? That’s what is wrong with this country. You do something messed up (and I’m a firm believer her should have been torn apart by horses, its a fitting punishment)and they give you a TV show. I seriously hope that PETA and the rest of the animal rescues get wind of this and boycott BET. After seeing this I plan to.

    Anyone else pissed he gets to play ball still and gets all that money to do so? They should have taken his earnings for the next ten years and given it to animal rescue organizations, and dog fighting rehabs.

    I’m with Katiebabs on this one. Sick. Truly sick.


  • Shelby Reed
    October 8
    6:15 pm

    I am at a loss for words.

    Okay, that’s it. I’m ready to move to the UK. Karen, prepare your guestroom. I’ll nanny for free in a few months to pay my room and board. 🙂


  • SamG
    October 8
    7:26 pm

    I read the link. It looks like it’s a ‘All about Me’, including his ‘difficult childhood’.

    I was thinking ‘why does it take 8 episodes to say “I’m a big bully that likes to hurt things”.

    There, I just said it in one sentence.

    I could have saved BET some $$$



  • Lydia Harlow
    October 8
    7:41 pm

    I don’t normally advocated physical abuse but it this man’s case I would draw straws to be the first to crush his legs. With any luck at all, some burly ballplayer will tackle his putrid ass and render him paralyzed from neck to toe, put him in a frigging ventilator for life, see that he absolute agony all the days of his life. I bet you could see gobs of raffle tickets to people who are dying to get even a smidgen of this bastard’s rancid flesh!

    Just enough case of big buisness willing to turn the other eye when it comes to making money. Can we say warmongers capping in on our men and dying in a godforsaken sand dune no one really gives a shit about?


  • It is sickening, but not surprising. The rules of decent society are totally alien for big-money celebrities (pro athletes included). In related stories, with so many of the Hollywood elite standing up for Roman Polanski I’ve decided to boycott my purchasing dollar of the ones I know have asked for leniency on his behalf and/or signed the petition in his defense. These rich, out-of-touch people can snub common decency all they want, but I don’t have fork my money over in support of their careers. And I won’t.


  • Karmyn
    October 9
    8:04 pm

    Why is he being rewarded? He should have never been allowed back in the NFL. I love football, but I am so tired of these idiot players who keep pulling some stupid, sometimes illegal shit, and not getting called on it. Or being let back in too easy. These people are role models, but not very good ones.
    I admit some players I’ve liked have gotten in trouble, such as Plaxico Burress. He was a great player, but he screwed up. I hope he gets the help he needs.
    It hurt a bit that Tony Dungy was helping Michael Vick because I adore Tony as a coach and a person. But I realized that he was just living up to his beliefs. But I’m not sure Michael Vick has realized exactly what he did. Animals can’t stand up for themselves the way most people can. They can’t tell you that you’re hurting them. Not in words.
    Yes, dogs can be wild animals, but most are not agressive unless they are trained that way. Rehabing an animal that has been trained for that is hard and adopting them out has got to be hard.
    Stop rewarding this idiot.


  • Why are you surprised, given how celebs & entertainment industry people feel about Roman Polanski’s “so-called crime”?

    I’m shocked they didn’t give Vick a medal.


  • Ms Lee, I am not surprised, I’m furious.


  • Azteclady,

    I know many people are shocked and angry. But as long as a big portion of Americans forgive their favorite celebs for wrongdoings, regardless of how serious they are, the bolder and more egregious celebs’ behavior will become.


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