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Scott Baio has been behaving like a Chachbag on his Twitter page.

So I’m helping to Googlebomb him. This action has been labelled as juvenile, but I do think that anybody who goes on the Glenn Beck show needs to have a rocket shoved up his arse.

Who’d have thought The Fonz’s nephew would have turned into such a wanker eh?

For the details, you can hop on over to Dear Author, and you can find the Googlebombing instructions, here.

This is in response to “Scott Baio’s behavior on Twitter wherein he threatened to sue a romance novelist because she unfollowed him on Twitter due to references he made about President Barack Obama being a “shitfuck” and other sundry remarks.”

Quotes of the week

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks, the quote whore strikes

Alana, very comfortable (b)

On the FTC idiocy flap, from the brilliant Shannon Stacey:

Dear government: No amount of legislation can protect stupid people from themselves. Also, not your job.

On the horrible, terrible, no-good girl cooties all over insecure little boy’s science fiction, from Scalzi:

Verily I say unto thee that science fiction is founded on girl cooties, so anyone dumb enough to whine about those awful women ruining SF for boys really does need to STFU and take his ignorant ass back to his snug little wank hole

*   *   *   *   *   *

Top: gratuitous doggie picture (she’s thinking, “What? I’m comfortable, dammit!”)

Stan Collymore

Stan Collymore is an assholic jealous wanker, and he’s not fit to lick David Beckham’s boots.

Stan you went to a big club and you couldn’t hack it, you went to Leicester and you couldn’t hack it. You were shit at Aston Villa, crap at Bradford City, and woeful at Real Oviedo, yes please, keep living off your performances at Southend and Nottingham Forest ten million years ago. Fuckwit.


Rant over.