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"Due to the fact that the unhappy have made a nuisance of themselves..."


I see Madris De Pasteur of New Concepts Publishing fame hasn’t lost her ability to make friends and influence people:

To roll or not to roll, this is the question—
We’re currently working on designing a new webpage for NCP to be launched early next year. Due to the fact that the unhappy have made a nuisance of themselves reminding us repeatedly to remove their books upon expiration, we’ve inadvertently removed some books by authors who wanted to roll over.

That being the case and also because it could simplify things for us when designing the new page, we want to create a list of people who intend to remain with NCP. Please respond with your intentions to the author liaison address–NOT directly to me–so a list can be compiled and, hopefully, we can eliminate some of the confusion and focus on promoting the career authors and getting their books listed with the distributors, etc.

Due to the difficulty in removing books from listings with our distributors, books that will not be renewing will not be sent to distributors. Also, a reminder–the most effective promotion to build a fan base is frequent releases.


Lol, why am I not surprised that those idiots at NCP would mistakenly remove books of the few authors that they have, who are crazy enough to still want to stay with them?

Thanks to you-know-who for the heads up. *g*