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Rush Limbaugh

I mean since the election of President Obama that is.

I guess I was shocked to see so many American people happy that you guys didn’t get the Olympics, and the backlash against him when he got the Nobel Peace Prize.

Firstly, I can’t bear our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, but I can’t imagine ever being happy at losing a major honour like hosting the Olympics, just because he happened to be on the committee trying to help us win the damned thing. It really doesn’t make sense.

Secondly, I still feel that the American president being awarded the Nobel Prize was an amazing thing, not something to be pilloried for. Yeah, sure it was wholly unexpected, but wow, what an honour. For God’s sake, this time, eighteen months ago, America was probably the most hated nation in the world, mainly because of the previous president. Obama getting the the Nobel Peace prize was like a vote of confidence in America, I thought that was a pretty big deal, but it seemed that many Americans felt embarrassed by the win.

With both of the above occurrences, it was a little like watching people dancing on graves in a cemetary. It was just…weird.