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Three in a bed

Apparently Laurell K Hamilton’s ex-assistant Darla is having a hard time, so she’s been considering burning her college degree and self-publishing her Anita encyclopedia. *g*

Somehow putting my degree on the gas grill isn’t satisfying, so I am going to wait on it. I will find somewhere to burn it, patience is needed is all.

And lets hear it for those that love us! Me particularly. LOL! I am not going to burn the Anitapedia now. Someone I know pointed out, that lots of hard work went in to that so why not self publish since I have been waiting almost nine years. So I will. It needs some tweaks but it is going to go to Lulu.com.

As soon as it is up, I will let everyone know.

Working on some free online classes. Trying to make me more marketable. The money situation sucks, which is why lulul.com. Just trying to hang in there a while longer and hope a job materializes.

Hmmm… Poor Darla…

Via Mrs Giggles’ blog.


  • Wasn’t she trying to publish a fiction book?


  • Barbara B.
    December 1
    12:37 am

    Wouldn’t she possibly be opening herself up to a lawsuit if she published an anitapedia?

    You know, I get the feeling that LKH is under the illusion that she’s glamorous and gorgeous. No doubt abetted by her hangers-on.


  • jmc
    December 1
    3:18 am

    What does grilling her diploma have to do with anything?

    And perhaps spelling the website correctly would be a good idea?


  • Randi
    December 1
    4:33 am

    I’m with Barbara B. I guess it would be fine if she didn’t sell it, just gave it away. But the second she tried to make a profit, Hamilton would have every reason to sue. Um…wasn’t she around for the whole Harry Potter deal?


  • sallahdog
    December 1
    1:10 pm

    From reading “book” which she put up on myspace, my take is that Darla was the perfect hanger on, suckup, assistant to LKH… The problem was at some point, LKH no longer felt that way, and Darla is left with the fact that for 10 years or so, she let her degrees languish along with critical job skills.. so now she is in a world of hurt financially…

    Darla doesnt have the talent for writing (neither do I)so she is hanging on to a pipe dream that she needs to let go of.. either go back to school or just get a job that doesnt require a degree.. I have been working part time doing retail for some extra cash since my business took a nosedive for several months…you do what you gotta do


  • What Katiebabs said. Last I heard, Darla was writing a novel which was “loosely based” on her experiences as LKH’s assistant.


  • sallahdog
    December 2
    6:50 pm

    It was rejected by everyone, according to Darla… From the excerpts she put up, It was a fairly painful read..


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