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Love is…

Sunday, December 6, 2009
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

There was a spell of bad weather a couple of days ago–strong gusts of wind all day, tornado warning ’till the early hours, a weird feeling that things were not as they should be, even though no rain fell.

Shadow, having lived on her own for about a year, doesn’t like weather like this, and has an uncanny way of knowing it’s coming. She cries piteously and scurries about, seeking shelter. Alana, having never known anything but the safety of home, doesn’t understand Shadow’s fears.

But that is, in the end irrelevant, isn’t it? What matters is that Shadow is afraid and that Alana loves her.

Sisters in a storm

(Apologies for the eerie flash eyes–I’m not a good photographer at the best of times, let alone coming back from a bathroom trip in the middle of the night)


  • RebeccaS
    December 6
    9:48 am

    Aww, that’s adorable. And also funny for the laser eyes, especially Shadow’s rather piratical squint.


  • They are so sweet together. It’s nice they have each other now.


  • Ann
    December 6
    2:13 pm

    That’s almost too ridiculously cute!


  • Awww…

    I’m way too emotional this year. I teared up at this one. Too sweet.


  • Maili
    December 6
    3:39 pm

    Aw, so sweet. And I love the photo!

    (Sorry for being slow, but which is Shadow and which is Alana?)


  • Alana is the yellow lab hugging Shadow.

    The rest of the story (which is unbearably sweet to me) is this:

    Six or so years ago in September a black “feral” cat started following me when I walked my two large dogs (Alana and the late Laika, a German Shepherd mix) around the property at night or very early in the morning. Little by little, this cat became friends with them, rubbing against their legs and noses in greeting and calling to them.

    It took a few weeks before she let me touch her and longer before she came inside. Once she did, we discovered she had been spayed and declawed and, as far as we could guess, abandoned when her owners moved. My kids took one look at the unrelieved black coat and named her Shadow.

    She’s sweet, playful and loving–and I think she believes she’s a dog. Either way, she and Alana have been sisters and best friends from the beginning.


  • Well, now you did it!

    *leaves to grab kleenex*


  • Aww! That is way too cute. Love it!!


  • Janet W
    December 6
    7:03 pm

    Loved it! Thank you AZ for a picture I’ll treasure in my memory. It made me think ~ Give peace a chance. The lamb lying down with the lion. Why can’t we all get along … sometimes I think animals are so much smarter than humans!!!


  • OMG. That’s so freakin cute. And what a sweet story! Thanks for sharing.


  • Aww, they’re so darling!! Isn’t that wonderful they are so close, too.

    I let my kids have a peek at the picture and they laughed because our black cat’s eyes always turn out with that same “demon glow” whenever he gets photographed LOL


  • Too cute! 🙂 Much love to both of them.


  • maddie
    December 7
    4:09 pm

    When ever I see pictures or hear a story like this I think of how stupid we humans are, we can build machines that take us up into the atmosphere, but yet we as a race can not even get along with each other, here you have two different animals that are basically not so friendly towards each other, and one Alana is giving comfort to shadow.

    Sad that we humans take our difference and build a bridge to nowhere.


  • Awww,what a sweet story, and I just love the pic. 🙂


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