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The chocolate run

Rosario has a great review of Dorothy Koomson’s book, The Chocolate Run, up on her blog. She loves it as much as I did.

Dorothy Koomson books

She also wrote a review of Goodnight Beautiful. Once again, she loved it, even though it wasn’t a romance.

Yay for another Koomson convert!


  • As a fellow Koomson fan, I’m delighted to hear Rosario liked her books. This post reminds me to add ‘The Ice Cream Girls’ to my list of 2010 releases.


  • sallahdog
    December 14
    12:53 pm

    Isnt it great when an author you love gains converts?


  • Barbara B.
    December 15
    4:54 am

    Those covers are so beautiful. I bought My Best Friend’s Girl but I got the one with the ugly American cover.


  • I just bought The Chocolate Run – I love the sound of the story


  • I’m reading my first Dorothy Koomson book – thanks to you and reading about her here. I’m almost done with My Best Friend’s Girl. Now I have to have ’em all!!!!



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