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I realise it’s been a while since I posted, but what can I say, sometimes it’s nice to let one’s life interfere with one’s blogging habits.

Anyway, Christmas was at my house, and it was brilliant. We ate lots, and watched each other unwrap some great presents. My nephew was a bundle of fun, and we all totally spoiled him rotten. I bought him a Manchester United strip (amongst lots of other goodies), with his name on the back of it, which he loved, and had to wear immediately. My brother wasn’t as pleased, seeing as he’s actually an Arsenal fan, and has been trying to brainwash my nephew into the cult since he was born. Fat chance of that, seeing as I’ll be taking him to a game at Old Trafford as soon as I think he can handle sitting for 90 minutes without getting fidgety.

I received lots of money for books, DVDs, perfumes, CDs hats, and of course the 50in plasma screen TV that I impulsively bought as a joint present for myself and TTG. TTG loves it, and it came in very handy for the Michael Jackson game, which my sister devised using Powerpoint. Trust me, it really was brilliant. I believe she tried out the quiz on her pupils on the last day of school, as a tester.

We also played Trivial Pursuit till 3am on Boxing Day morning, and I once again confirmed my status as the genius of the family.

My brother and my SIL and my nephew were staying the night anyway, but we got some stragglers who slept in the spare guest rooms, due to the lateness of the hour.

On Boxing day, we were all woken fairly earlish by my excitable nephew who insisted on a sword fight with all of us. I think he’s been watching too much Dogtanian and The Muskehounds. He now knows the phrase “On guard!”, and “Vanquished” is a new word in his vocabulary. I think he takes after me in the genius department.

After the sword fights, his parents took him to watch a pantomime. Cinderella I believe.

With everybody gone by midday, I was able to at last sit in peace and quiet and attempt to read Julia Spencer Fleming’s All Mortal Flesh.

Later on, TTG and I had some guests over, they weren’t here very long and left by 8pm, so back to my book I went.

It’s been a wonderful Christmas, and I was reminded once again, how lucky I am to have people in my life that I cherish so much.

So, what did you guys get up to, and what was your favourite present from dear old Santa?


  • Happy holidays Karen! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas.

    Christmas was all about my daughter who this year was old enough to be excited about giving also. We had an amazing morning opening presents slowly and really having a quietly brilliant moment.


  • Glad to hear you had such a good Christmas, Karen.

    I had a fabulous Christmas although others might not think so. Those who know me and my writing know I run…er, ran…a 34 room motel, one we have been trying to sell for a while now. We sold it on the 22nd December and just got in the car and took off. Ofter spending some time with our son who we haven’t seen in 2 years, we ended up in a fancy hotel in Brisbane. No phones ringing, no motel laundry to do, no guests knocking on the door at all times of the night. Just the two of us, wandering around Brisbane, holding hands and wandering through the shops, no ties on our time, no one to please but ourselves. After 6 years running the motel, and 37 years married, it was nice to rediscover the closeness of our earlier relationship. That was the greatest Christmas present I could have ever wanted.

    Later in the month we’ll go spend time with our daughter.


  • I spent most of it sitting down and feeling lousy-starting feeling kind bleh half way through the day, but it was a great Christmas.

    Got some cash to put towards a new laptop, a necklace/earring set I’d been wanting, the cutest pics of our youngest.

    The best gift, though, came from my grandmother-one I wasn’t expecting at all.

    It’s a framed, matted & mounted needlepoint history of my life with my husband.

    Bordered on one side, it’s about him, it list things like: Husband, Father, brother, son, deacon, pressman, dallas cowboy fan.

    On the other side, it’s me: Wife, Mother, daughter, sister, author, nurse.

    At the top, it lists the church where we married, the day.

    Then it lists our kids, and what they like to do…the bratler-reading and horses, my little Romeo, math and transformers, the baby bratlet, candy and climbing.

    Below that, it has trips we’ve taken-Alaska (with an igloo stitched in), Ireland and four leaf clovers, the zoo and a tiger, and Disney…including Cinderella’s Castle.

    Down at the bottom, it reads: All Because Two People Fell in Love.


  • Wow, Shiloh, what fantastic present. Now that’s a present not only given with love, but prepared and executed with love.


  • 🙂 Yeah, I know. She even had my DH choked up, and trust me, he isn’t the kind to get choked up.


  • Dawn
    December 29
    7:32 am

    Merry Christmas, Karen

    Hope everything’s going well for you!

    We had a great Christmas. My parents and Aunt spent 3 days with us and my younger brother came for dinner as well. I got a Sony reader which I wasn’t expecting, so I’m very excited (still have to get it set up though). Daughter got Band Hero which we all played and made pillocks of ourselves – it was brilliant! And also World Monopoly where you buy cities and deal in millions on a credit card – my brother slaughtered us.

    Boxing day, both brothers came over and we ate the leftovers and had a great day.


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