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(gotta love Zazzle)

(gotta love Zazzle)

I’m a geek.

Not one of those really well educated geeks, I admit, but a geek nonetheless.

And this geek is always fascinated by how science is catching up to fantasy (no wonder we call it science fiction now 😀 )

For example, when reading Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series, I had some issues with Hostage to Pleasure because it posits that DNA manipulation would have effect within one generation. I’m all, “no way in hell, dammit!” and feeling pulled out of the story because, well, not possible.

(Yes, I know—I have trouble accepting that but I’m happily overlooking little impossibles such as, say, shapeshifting. So I’m inconsistent, sue me 😛 )

Anyway, the whole DNA manipulation part of the storyline bothered me—it seemed a bit like a cop out, frankly—and then I see this cool little article and wham! “Objection overruled, counselor.”

These little critters are a) stealing DNA and passing it on to their offspring, and b) stealing cellular structures into their own cells and using them successfully.

Looking at this, I’m suddenly much happier about Ashaya Aleine’s work 😀

*    *    *    *    *

Random PS: Who is your favorite geeky chick? Personally, I’m torn between Abby from NCIS and the amazing Kaylee from Firefly.


  • *nods vigorously*

    The whole “Truth is stranger than fiction” concept never ceases to amaze me. I’ve come across articles of actual events that seemed waaaay out there to me that I was certain if I wrote it in to a story I’d surely get. “It’s too unbelievable.”

    Come to think of it I have gotten that reaction.

    Anyway, Abby is totally worthy of having a girly crush on. The only reasons I pay any attention to NCIS are for her and glimpses of David McCallum (*insert fond memories of first TV star crush here..ahhh Illya…*)

    Ziva’s cool, too, in a hot/scary sort of way ^_^


  • Geek girl fave — used to be Chloe from Smallville but that show is the suck now. That definitely leaves Kaylee at the top of the list.


  • I don’t know why but that article freaked me out a little. Maybe because it reminds me of those ’50s flicks where there are these huge swamp/sea/goo creatures. Idk, overactive imagination maybe.

    Definitely Abby! I don’t watch much TV other than NCIS and House, so honestly it wasn’t too hard a decision.


  • Mariana
    January 13
    7:08 pm

    I’m all over anything Firefly… love that show. I’ll go with Kaylee 🙂

    Science is beyond fascinating to me… just finished reading about which gene makes Sharpei’s wrinkly… fun stuff.


  • Not at all related.

    But Dear AZ.

    Watch your (USPS)mail


  • My favorite geeky chicks?
    1. me
    2. Abby, NCIS – I have such a girl crush on Abby!
    3. Kaylee, Firefly.
    4. the brainiac, lesbian, Caprica 6 on BSG – Gina – who was found out, tortured and then became a suicide bomber – oh they were so nasty to her!
    5. Wash, Firefly – he may not be a chick but he’s a great geek.
    6. Seven of Nine, Star Trek Voyager


  • katieM
    January 13
    11:14 pm

    My favorite geeky chicks are:
    1. Bones
    2. Abby – NCIS
    3. Allison Blake – Eureka
    4. Martha Jones – Dr. Who
    5. Non-Chick Alec Hardison from Leverage
    6. Car Geek Mercy Thompson from the Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson novels


  • Barbara Sheridan, YES!!!! 😀 that’s exactly it!

    Shiloh: oh.my.gawd. Already???? *plans to stake out the mailbox in the morning*


  • I did NOT say tomorrow. I said. watch your mail box.


  • 🙁

    but… but…



  • Edie
    January 14
    1:07 pm

    Enid from Ghost World?


  • HeatherK
    January 15
    12:31 pm

    I love the Abby character on NCIS. I’m also a big fan of Penelope Garcia, the technical analyst on Criminal Minds. She’s so much fun, and the byplay between her and Morgan is wonderful. Bone and Angie are great, too.


  • bones and Abby all the way


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