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So sweet…

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

I was *this* close to unleash a couple of bitter rants on all of you, when I get this:

Now I’m smiling. Thank you, V, you mood-saver you!


  • I LOVE that video. Amazing. Thanks so much for posting.

    Now on to a more serious subject. Last evening I checked the list of publishers on the RWA web site and was appalled to see that New Concepts Publishing was posted!
    I am one of the victims of that unscrupulous company. The owner Madris dePasture even sent me name-calling e-mails. I immediately sent off an e-mail this morning to the RWA board requesting that New Concepts Publishing be removed from the RWA site. It will be interesting to see if they do.



  • Ms Gorman, regarding RWA, I’m not sure if this applies but apparently RWA is changing the way it ‘recognizes’ publishers and authors.


  • BevQB
    January 28
    6:55 pm

    *sniffle* That gave me a happy tear!

    I keep a group of LOLZ sites in my Google Reader that never fail to elevate my mood. Besides sites with lolcats, loldogs, fail, win, etc. my secret weapon for attacking bad moods is ZooBorns.com because, really, who can be a grump in the face of all that OMGCUTEness?


  • I loved this so much! I think it’s partly the expression on the orangutan’s face while it’s hugging the dog. Too cute.


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