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(not really)

Is there something in the water? in the air?

A 26 year old Connecticut woman is found dead after giving birth to what appear to be full term triplets–and her mother doesn’t think the woman knew she was pregnant. WTF? Really?

An Oregon couple is found guilty in the negligence death of their son. The couple believes in faith healing, and even though they were present when their granddaughter died a few years ago through failed faith healing, they wouldn’t seek medical help for their son. They plan to appeal, by the way.

Honestly now, what the hell?


  • You need a permit to drive a car, but the last cretin on earth can have a kid.


  • SamG
    February 3
    8:10 pm

    I felt neglectful that it took a few days to diagnose my son’s kidney failure. And that was with going to the Dr., being sent home and then going back a forth a few times until they finally said ‘hey, he needs to be in the hospital’.

    I can’t imagine either one. The being prego w/triplets and not knowing or letting faith kill my kid.

    We had medical help to get pregnant. We know some very religious people that disdained our choice saying it was God’s will we not have them. My response was ‘God helps those who help themselves and I’m helping myself to the best medical care I can find’. TYVM

    Sorry…off topic and not realizing that attitude still ticks me off.



  • Toni
    February 3
    8:47 pm

    I knew a very lovely woman once who was pregnant with twin boys without knowing it, and she was a nurse. She was already plump, so no one really noticed when she got a little plumper. She was in her late twenties or early thirties and married, so I have no reason to believe she was in psychological denial about being pregnant. I do know that she worked a lot (like most nurses do), and her periods were not normally regular.

    She didn’t find out about the boys until she went into early labor, and they were both stillborn. Both she and her husband were devastated. I was just a kid then (maybe 10), but I remember visiting her in the hospital and finding her with the dead babies in her room. I held one and told her they would wait for her in heaven. That seemed to comfort her.

    Anyway, it sounds crazy, but every pregnancy is different, and I know for a fact that it can happen.


  • joannef
    February 4
    3:47 am

    According to news reports I’ve read, she was aware that she was pregnant, but was in denial & purposely hid it from her family and the baby’s father. In this case, it won’t go away if you ignore it.


  • Randi
    February 4
    6:50 pm

    My sister didn’t know she was pregnant with her second son until her third trimester. Her periods were also irregular and she had actually been losing weight, so when she finally realized she was pregnant, it was a complete shock.

    I get torn about faith healing situations. Because, on the one hand, just as I don’t want them to tell me what to believe, I don’t want to tell them what to believe. There’s a lot to be said about the power of belief, whether it’s religious or not. I mean, Tibetan monks can do some really amazing bio feedback things with mediation. I have a friend who has epilespy and she was able to get off her meds and get control of her epilespy, just with bio-feedback training. Now, granted, these examples are of adults spending a lot of time practicing meditation techniques, but the idea is still the same. A very powerful belief that one can change body chemistry through thought. So…maybe it’s not okay for faith healing when it comes to children?


  • I don’t believe in faith healing for obvious reasons… I’ll just leave it at that as I don’t believe in organized religion either.

    As to the woman, I was watching the news yesterday. She didn’t tell anyone and actually hid it. Turns out she had been fired from her job less than a month ago, as well. I wonder if that sank her into depression (or further depression, if she was already depressed) and things ended up tragically for that reason.


  • Throwmearope
    February 4
    8:23 pm

    I think it’s the old joke about the man on the roof in the rising flood waters. A couple of guys come by in a boat and tell him to jump in. The man on the roof says, “No, thanks, God is going to save me.” Finally a helicopter comes by and throws him a rope. Nope, God is going to save him.

    When he gets to heaven, he asks God why wasn’t he saved. And God replies, “Hey, I sent you two boats and a helicopter!”

    With all our flaws, God created doctors too. I advise my patients to do both. Take the medicine and pray.


  • Faith healing can work on the person who is actively doing it on themselves, as in the meditation and biofeedback. It’s much, much dicier to do on someone else.

    But I’m just a cranky old pagan who believes in the dictate “pray with one hand, work with the other.”


  • Anion
    February 6
    2:58 am

    Dammit, Throwmearope, I was just about to post that joke!!


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