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The following comment was left on a blog post (by somebody calling himself Barack Hussein Obama Sadaam) that I wrote a while ago, questioning whether or not racism in America had increased since Obama became president:

“I think that racism is increasing.

Minorities act like they want us to be racist to them.

Obama supports the NBA, which has some of the worst (dangerous) black people in the world.

Black leaders, such as NBA superstars, need to lead by example if blacks want racism to go away. I do not think blacks want racism to go away though.

Solution: Have all newborn black babies be adopted by intelligent white people. This will get rid of their terrible language of ebonics along with helping them succeed in life.”

This was my response:

Hey Klan member, Step. Away. From. The. Computer. At least until you learn how to mix with the general public.

People like you are proof that abortion is absolutely neccessary.

If I was to profile you, I would say that you were between 35-45, white, receding hairline, pot belly, you like red meat, can’t get enough of the stuff. You have a dog called Rush that walks with a limp leg because of all the times you’ve bent it over and tried to stick your dick in its arse.
You believe that Hitler was mostly misunderstood, and that the world would be better off without people with brown skin in it.

If you’re married, your wife is having an affair with a real man behind your back. He’s probably black. When you fuck your wife, you like to pretend that it’s your sister’s arse that you’re riding. You didn’t finish school, because you couldn’t work out what those funny emblems were on the exam papers. You’ve since learned that the funny wiggles were letters, and that letters make up words. It took a while, but you got there in the end, way to go you! The black girl who taught you how to finally read and write wouldn’t fuck you though, so that was a bit of a downer. You later stalked her and tried to kill her, so she moved further away from the trailer park where you and your sister and parents lived.

You wanted to be a football player when you were younger, but the black kids were better than you, a fact that you’ve resented all your life. You constantly bemoan the fact that you have a dick the size of a pencil. You know that your wife fakes her orgasms, so you ritually beat her after sex. This gets you off even more than the thought of fucking your mother.

You can’t wait to get your wife pregnant in the hopes that she bears you a girl, oh what fun you can have with her when she gets to her fourth birthday. Oh and not forgetting, you’re probably a Republican, like your parents, and grandparents.

Did I miss anything out? If any of the above is anyway inaccurate, please feel free to post a picture of yourself, your high school certificate, and a copy of your birth certificate. *Smooches*

The great thing about obvious racists like KlanDick Bitch up there, is that you at least know where you stand with him. That’s a good thing, right?


  • Sparkindarkness
    February 7
    1:42 pm

    One advantage of hateful trolls like that is you can really let rip with both barrels. Because they’re so obviously, grossly repellent and totally, unmistakeably unreasonable you don’t even have to pretend to have a conversation with them – you can just let loose on that crash test dummy


  • Oh, ick… what a nasty piece of work.



  • Frankly I wish all racists had to have a swastika or a Confederate battle flag tattooed on their forehead, so you could avoid them. It’s the stealth ones that create the problems. Fortunately, around here they do tend to put the flag on their cars or hang them in front of their houses. I treat them like a “Beware of Dog” sign and avoid them.


  • He’s probably wondering what’s wrong with fantasizing about his mother and also wondering how you managed to peg him so well.



  • The mind boggles that such individuals even exist. Sadly, there are far too many of them.


  • LizA
    February 7
    5:25 pm

    Great response, and very reasonable I think. It is very sad that there are still people like this around in this day and age, though. I am always hopeful that these attitudes will go away eventually, if we all learn, but posts like that comment make me doubt it. πŸ™


  • In a recent interview, the mayor of Newark, NJ, Cory Booker, said he had been asked if now that we have a black president we can “forget all this race stuff” (Boy, did I cringe when the condescending tone of that phrase hit my ears). His answer was an emphatic “No,” and he went on to explain that racism didn’t just go away when Obama was elected. Your commenter proves Booker’s point beautifully. For every guy like that online, there are many, many more who aren’t making themselves known. A sad and scary thing, to be sure.


  • eggs
    February 7
    9:03 pm

    You might think this guy is just a random loser, but he’s not. What he’s describing was actually the OFFICIAL policy of Australia towards the Aboriginal people and it fucked over an entire generation of Australian Aboriginals. They’re referred to as “The Stolen Generation” and it was only recently that an Australian Prime Minister finally apologized for it. Makes you sick to think about it.


  • …and where does he hope to find all of these intelligent white people? It’s not like they’re a dime a dozen. Probably not too many in his circle of friends.

    And if he does manage to round up some smart people, they’re likely to be liberals. And he won’t like that, will he?


  • Um… wow. Totally off topic here, but I just noticed my book over on the sidebar. Thank you, Karen!

    And now.. back on topic.

    What he’s describing was actually the OFFICIAL policy of Australia towards the Aboriginal people and it fucked over an entire generation of Australian Aboriginals.

    That’s beyond sickening, beyond heartbreaking. πŸ™


  • Emmy
    February 7
    10:38 pm

    *is keeled ded*


  • Edie
    February 10
    3:48 am

    Yep eggs – and a large percentage of the population that refuses to acknowledge the damage that those years caused and the impact still felt today.

    I love our country – but sometimes it busts me


  • Tabris Macbeth
    February 17
    9:02 am

    Oh, minorities! Always trying to make bigots look like racists!

    It’s not so much that there’s more racism in America is that people have gotten really fucking stupid. I blame the power that modern technology gives to people, letting them live in their own brain-rotting echo chambers without ever having to be challenged or confronted.

    That, and black people.



  • Nice response to the Fucktard


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