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Over on Paz Edward’s blog, she has a list of the qualities for her perfect man:

1.Is kind-hearted to animals.
2.Is caring of others.
3.Is giving.
4.Is thoughtful.
5.Is not afraid to cry.
6.Is not afraid to laugh.
7.Has a great laugh that makes me laugh along or at least smile.
8.Notices the things I like.
9.Notices the things I don’t like.
10.Knows how to paint my toe nails.
11.Knows how to give me a foot massage.
12.Likes to put lotion on my body.
13.Loves dogs.
14.Loves my dogs.
15.Loves our dogs.
16.Won’t mind walking the dogs when I’m tired.
17.Love kids.
18.Loves me.
19.Shows me that he loves me.
20.Tells me that he loves me.
21.Is comfortable with saying, “I love you” (Doesn’t have to say it 24/7).
22.Loves to travel.
23.Loves to explore.
24.Loves to talk to me.
25.Loves to listen to me.
26.Likes to read my stories.
27.Likes to help me experiment for my stories.
28.Treats women with care and respect.
29.Knows how to drive (since I don’t know how).
30.Won’t mind driving me around anytime, anyplace.
31.Is well-groomed.
32.Knows how to dress for the occasion (knows when to wear jeans or a suit and tie).
33.Knows and practices good hygiene.
34.Is tall (6’3” or taller).
35.Has dark hair and dark eyes.
36.Is teddy bear/linebacker size.
37.Is lovable like teddy bear.
38.Knows how to be cool as a cucumber when needed.
39.Knows how to work hard.
40.Likes to play when the occasion calls for it.
41.Knows how and when to relax.
42.Knows how to be laid back.
43.Is deliciously endowed in his nether regions.
44.Knows what to do with what the good Lord gave him in his nether regions.
45.Is a sensitive lover.
46.Is a considerate lover.
47.Is an awesome lover.
48.Loves to have sex with me.
49.Can’t get enough of me.
50.Is a terrific kisser.
51.Loves to kiss me.
52.Makes my toes curl and my body tingle when he kisses me.
53.Is rugged.
54.Is earthy.
55.Has a good sense of honor.
56.Has a fair sense of justice.
57.Always wants to make me happy.
58.Believes in God.
59.Is spiritual.
60.Knows how to get along with others of different backgrounds.
61.Knows how to give genuine compliments.
62.Knows how to be romantic.
63.Surprises me with thoughtful gifts.
64.Loves to give me flowers.
65.Loves to take long walks.
66.Loves to sometimes hold hands.
67.Loves to enjoy quiet evenings.
68.Likes to go out.
69.Is intelligent.
70.Is well-spoken.
71.An accent would be nice (but that’s optional).
72.Will share in the household chores.
73.Better yet, can get me a house cleaner (or chip in for one).
74.Is confident.
75.Is a hard worker.
76.Makes decent money (doesn’t have to be rich but should be financially stable).
77.Knows how to handle money properly.
78.Loves what he does for work, doesn’t matter what the job is.
79.Not afraid to work.
80.Not afraid to do any kind of work to support self and family.
81.Have a nice singing voice.
82.Likes to sing.
83.Likes to sing for me.
84.Likes to whistle.
85.Likes to whistle at me.
86.Looks good in a cowboy hat (and nothing else).
87.Looks good in cowboy boots (and nothing else).
88.Holds family values important.
89.Likes books.
90.Likes movies.
91.Likes a good story.
92.Likes my stories.
93.Likes to share his dreams with me.
94.Likes to dream with me.
95.Can be charming.
96.Wants to do the dishes when I’m the one who cooks.
97.Likes to cook with me.
98.Likes to cook for me.
99.Likes to eat anything I prepare.
100.Is creative.
101.Is devoted.
102.Is independent.
103.Is honest.
104.Is respectful.
105.Is reliable.
106.Is passionate.
107.Has and enjoys a good sense of humor.
108.Has no criminal tendencies.
109.Is concerned about good health but not obsessed.
110.Is emotionally balanced.
111.Is good with his hands.
112.Is good with his fingers.
113.Is good with his tongue.
114.Has a hot voice that makes me smile and puts my body in overdrive when I hear it.
115.Is educated (formally or from the School of Life).
116.Causes me to get a nice tingly sensation when he touches me.
117.Knows what he wants.
118.Goes after what he wants.
119.Normally gets what he wants.
120.Knows how to put the toilet seat down after using it.

This list is amazing, and totally unachievable I would think, mind you, we know that there’s no such thing as the perfect man.

I’m just happy that TTG has learned not to use my bathroom for anything other than a bath.

Which of those qualities would you seek in your near-to-perfect-man? You only need to pick a few key traits.


  • Loves me. Loves my kids. Respects me. Good sense of humor. Doesn’t mind my profession as a writer. Good in bed. Attentive listener. I’m not his only friend. And puts the toilet seat down.


  • Did you see the movie Up In The Air where the recent college graduate exhaustively lists all the things she expects to have in her perfect man, and her middle-aged companions nod and smile and then talk about things like respect, and listening and how it’s nice if he has his own hair, but it’s not a rule-breaker?



  • Loves me.
    Loves our kids.
    Doesn’t want to give up on a marriage because we fight. Understands that marriages don’t last without working at them.
    Respects me.
    Shares my faith.
    Makes me laugh.
    Makes me think.
    Puts down the toilet seat.
    Has friends outside of this house.

    And hey… I’ve got this guy. I love him more than life itself, too.


  • Loved Up In The Air. Brilliant movie. Yes, the young woman had a very, very long list of things that stop mattering after a while. But of course the twist made the older women’s list seem pointless.


  • Cindy
    February 17
    11:55 pm

    Hmm. The most important to me out of the list:

    1. loves me
    2. loves cats (and dogs, but I’m more of a cat person)
    3. loves to talk to me.
    4. knows how to drive (like the original author, I don’t know how.
    5. dark hair & eyes
    6. good sense of humor
    7. Hard worker
    8. But knows how to relax.


  • Lorraine
    February 18
    2:21 am

    The most important qualities for me, (those that are reasonably attainable) are:

    Knows how to express love, affection and appreciation. Honest, honorable, strong character. Compassionate, empathetic and cares about the world. Good listener. Hard worker. Great lover. Cleans up after himself.

    Not necessarily in that order.


  • *g* Two of the most important ones aren’t there

    1. Makes me laugh
    2. Thinks I’m funny
    107.Has and enjoys a good sense of humor.
    is close.
    And I’m the opposite of 13, 14 and 15. Substitute that with cats though and it’s a different story

    But the following do work for me
    24.Loves to talk to me.
    25.Loves to listen to me.
    26.Likes to read my stories.
    52.Makes my toes curl and my body tingle when he kisses me.
    53.Is rugged.
    54.Is earthy.
    88.Holds family values important.
    89.Likes books.
    Although I could add a whole lot more of them too.


  • Is honorable, warm-hearted, and trustworthy.


  • That pretty much sums up my guy with the exception of #10 and #120 which is not on my list. Is killer smile there? If not, I’ll add it.


  • eggs
    February 19
    2:28 am

    From this list: 103. Is honest, 105. is reliable, 117. knows what he wants. The 3 things from her list that are absolute musts for me are not even in her top 100! I think if you have these three, you can quickly work out your compatibility on all the rest. My husband has all three of those qualities, which is just dumb luck really, as I chose to date him on the basis of: 1. is good looking, 2. Likes to go to the pub 3. can shag all night.


  • Peachfuzy
    February 19
    6:47 am

    What bullshit. Unrealistic expectations are how you stay single. I especially question number 5. Not afraid to cry seemed sweet until some fool is blubbering all over you. Ugh, I’m not saying she needs to settle but after reading this list I’m not sure she wants a heterosexual man. – Oh and I am married to a wonderful man i found after not comparing him to a gradeschool man-wish list.


  • Married a very long time here to the same guy. I would say #1 is Sticks with the marriage through thick and thin. #2. Gets up and goes to work (he just retired after 39 years on the same job.) #3. Doesn’t hesitate to take up the slack whenever he’s needed.

    All that other stuff…is icing on the cake.


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