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Hurrah, I’ve found somebody else who hates romantic comedy books.

BarbaraB’s mini rant says it better than I could:

On another note, I’m just amazed that there’s another romance reader who also utterly despises romantic comedy. Maybe without the fervor and madness that I do, but still! I can’t even think about that crap without practically choking on my loathing of romantic comedies AND romantic comedy authors. Who the hell told them they were funny? They’re not stand-ups. All those goddamned eccentric relatives and townspeople/secondary characters, etc. wear me down.

Even the more sophisticated rom-coms make me gag. IMO, most romantic comedy authors don’t know when to stop with the yuks. It’s like reading Robin Williams or Jim Carrey in book form. EXHAUSTING! I also find the humor very forced and corny.

What breaks my heart and tears me up inside though, is that all “funny” romances aren’t labelled as such and don’t always have cartoon covers. I’ve ended up wasting a lot of money on that shit. I get so pissed off for being duped that I rip the book in two and trash it. I’d burn ‘em if I was liscensed(sp) to burn trash within the city limits or had a fireplace. I’m extreme like that!

When I wanna laugh I’ll watch reruns of Blackadder, AbFab, or Arrested Development. Or even Comedy Central. Not pick up a freaking romance! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d literally pick up trash along the highway in one of those ill-fitting orange jumpsuits before I’d pick up a romantic comedy- book or movie. I want some effing angst and drama when I read a romance.

Lol, so who out there generally loves romantic comedies? Go on ‘fess up!

Directly from her blog:

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