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Remember the hooha over Bloomsbury’s decision to whitewash Jaclyn Dolamore’s book, Magic Under Glass? Well they’ve released the new cover:

This was the old cover – Yep, nothing “dark-skinned” about that lady, even with the bad lighting.

This is the new cover. A definite touch of ethnicity there at least.

What do you guys think?

Via Angela over at Save Black Romance.


  • The new cover is pretty. I’ve got to say, I love the ‘theme’ of the first cover-what I want to know (and I know this question has been asked…lol) is why in the world couldn’t they have used the right sort of model on the first version of the cover to begin with?

    There’s just something about the ‘feel’ of the first one that I love-the fantasy lover in me probably would have had me grabbing it to pick up-the new cover is pretty, and I like the look on her face w/the key, but I don’t know if would have grabbed my attention quite the same as the first.

    The theme wouldn’t have been changed at all if they’d used the appropriate model to begin with. o_O And it’s possible I’m not making sense at all-my brain is fried and I’m barely awake-coffee has yet to hit.


  • Las
    March 4
    1:07 pm

    I’ve got to say, I love the ‘theme’ of the first cover

    Same here.

    Bloomsbury’s people clearly don’t get out much if that’s what they consider “dark-skinned.”


  • Las said it. The model is pretty and yes, she’s ethnic but still it’s just …

    They really have their heads in the sand.


  • The never used a model, they bought pre-made stock photography.


  • LizA
    March 4
    6:22 pm

    Hm. It is a nice cover. The model looks very much like a friend of mine who is from Iran. Not having read the book, I cannot say how the horoine is supposed to look – maybe she is described thus, but if she is described as dark skined, that’s a different matter.
    That seems to be a trend, though. I recently saw an ad featuring an African American singer, and she looked a lot lighter on it than in real life. It seems like these images are screaming “look, we are only a shade different!”. You rarely see really dark skined people on covers, in ads… or even described in books. The only writer I know who describes her heroines as really dark is Dorothy Koomson. (Who is great! Can’t wait for her new book)
    Sorry, long day, so I am not making much sense….


  • I love the second cover – with all these loose curls around the woman’s face, it has a slight Pre-Raphaelite touch. Well, sort of.

    But as to dark-skinned? Uhm no. That model is not really what I would describe as dark-skinned. However, she seems to suit the author’s description of the heroine (some quotes from the book can be found here: http://charlotteslibrary.blogspot.com/2010/01/cover-of-magic-under-glass.html )

    It looks as if they changed the cover of the UK edition, as well. In the author’s book trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFvAq2lgrZ4 , which uses the original covers, the two little figures under the glass are much lighter than on the cover that’s up on amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Magic-Under-Glass-Jaclyn-Dolamore/dp/1408802120/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1267731572&sr=8-1 Here the two figures have become almost silhouettes so you can’t really tell what colour their skin is supposed to be.

    And now please excuse me, I’m off to order that book. 🙂


  • Ana
    March 5
    10:04 am

    I read the book and I like the new cover. Nimira has been described as dark-skinned yes, but from the “east” so I always pictured her more from an Iran/India -like country and I think the cover model definitely looks more like Nimira. Could she have been darker? Yes, definitely, especially when you compare with the image in the book trailer.

    I also think that the new cover captures the feel of the book much better – the key she holds for example makes much more sense and actually refers to the story. The first cover, on top of being Whitewashed was sort of misleading as well, and doesn’t make much sense (actually neither does the title).


  • Dawn
    March 5
    12:46 pm

    Frankly, the girl looks more Asian to me. But there you go… At least like you say there is some ethnicity to her.


  • Chantal
    March 5
    4:19 pm

    I’ve not read the book and I wont read the book (it’s not a genre I like) but looks-wise, I like the first cover better. It would prompt me to at least pick up the book and read the back cover. The second wouldn’t.


  • Amy
    March 6
    11:39 am

    I prefer the first cover too. The second one is pretty, but in my opinion it just isn’t as good as the first one.


  • Well, I’d say they could both be the same model. In the first one, it’s the cover effect. It’s very….evocative. It really says “Magic under glass.” In the second one, it’s the model. She’s pretty and she’s not blonde/Aryan. Either Latina or maybe Iranian. Possibly Indian–as in from India. Both covers are good. As in tasty, they attract me. The first one fits the title, however, and that’s why it works better for me.


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