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A brief note…

Thursday, March 11, 2010
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks, rant

to the asshole who,  in the middle of a thunderstorm, swerved towards the sidewalk while accelerating, thus creating the waterfall that blinded me and finished the job of soaking me to the skin:

I hope you get crabs and become allergic to them.

Enjoy your chuckle, asshat.


In other news… still haven’t gotten my reviewing mojo back, and I have no idea when (if? *gulp*) I’ll get it back.

I just started working again–hourly employee in the food service industry. This translates into never having the same schedule two days in a row, let alone week to week. It also means more physical exertion than any other job I’ve ever held (and for less money than I’ve ever earned too).

On the other hand, in an economy where one in ten persons is unemployed, I’m very grateful I’m one of the nine with a job.


  • Barbara B.
    March 11
    10:41 pm

    A check is a check. Congrats on finding a job, A.L. They’re nearly as scarce as hens teeth in the U.S. these days.


  • Ditto what Barb said, AL. As for reviewing, don’t sweat it. Do it if and when you feel up to it.


  • a check is a check.

    If the review mojo hits again, then it hits again. If not? Then don’t sweat it. ;o)


  • Karen, because I know how much you like Rush Limbaugh – here’s an interesting story about Rush threatening to move to Costa Rica if our health care bill passes – they have socialized medicine there and no military! Rush? Really? I’d leave you the link but I don’t thing the comment function will support a link. Google Rush Limbaugh/Costa Rica.
    Poor Costa Rica! It’s an amazing nation where health care is universal and affordable and the people are healthier and have a longer lifespan than Americans do.


  • Congrats on the job. I hope you can live with the schedule, and I hope people are nice to you!


  • Anon76
    March 13
    6:18 am

    Congrats on the job, but…

    I soooooooo understand what you are saying. Food service is darn hard work with very little pay and usually no benifits like health care, etc. And after working in it happily for many years when I was younger, it was a whole different ballgame when I did it later at 43. I didn’t know I had that many places on my body that could hurt, LOL.

    Sending you best wishes and lots of vitality.


  • Thank you, ladies!

    Shiloh, given that you are one of the people I’ve let down repeatedly, review-wise, in the past few months, it means a helluva lot to have your understanding *hug* Thank you.

    RRRJessica, I’m very lucky in that only a couple of the people I’m working with are jerks–and neither of them are supervisors, which makes it all the more enjoyable to kill them with kindness (and/or ignore them, depending on the circumstances 😀 )

    Anon76, thank you and exactly! At the tender age of 44, I’m starting to think of myself as middle age, seeing as how I start each day counting all the aches in my body! 😉


  • I find reviewing/reading comes in waves. Sometimes the tide is in – and sometimes the tide is out. I’ve just learned not to sweat it when it’s out, ’cause like – well tides – it will come back.
    And congrats on the job. But I know whereof you speak with not having a regular schedule. I worked like that for nine years – never having the same day off and never having two days off in a row – but being grateful I had a job.


  • Congrats on the new job, AL! Don’t worry about the reviewing; I’m sure Miss Mojo will come back eventually. After all, even my Muse did – and she was on holiday for a very long time indeed. 🙂


  • I’ve never understood why people do that. It’s just so incredibly ick. You see someone walking in the rain, it’s bad enough they’re out in the cold, wet and possibly had a bad day. You want a laugh, I can’t see how this is funny at all, so you purposely drive through a puddle and soak them. Really? That’s how an adult behaves? Grrr! I’m sorry that happened to you AztecLady, some people are just douchebags.


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