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Isn’t Laurell K Hamilton just a little bit…strange? Yeah, yeah, it’s not like we don’t know how ‘quirky’ she can be, but still…

“In my books Anita wakes up nude beside a beautiful man, or men. She rolls over and sex ensues. Not just sex, but really good sex. When she can walk safely, she slips on something silky and begins to get ready for the day.

In real life today, I woke up nude beside a beautiful man. We cuddled, we talked, and then sex ensued, and yes, it was really good sex. When we could both walk safely, Jon threw on a robe and is now in the shower. I cleaned up and put on silk pajamas and a robe, and headed downstairs to start my day….

We haven’t seen Anita work out in a long time in the books. In reality I have to see a lot of gym time to look as good as I do, and it’s not as good as Anita looks. She’s still doing my pre-child, pre-marriage, pre-real job workout.
I’m trying and I’m about to get even more serious about getting fit and healthy, but where Anita just seems to exercise the way she eats, off stage, and magically, it’s a lot harder to fit into my life.

I did show Anita and some of the guys working out in the gym in the June book, Bullet. I wanted to show some of the real effort that goes into staying in that kind of shape. One other difference, I just looked at the clock.”

She seems to be comparing the differences in her fictional life, and real life, but I definitely get the feeling that she feels as if she’s a real-life Anita.

For more weirdness, pop over to her blog.

Thanks to you-know-who for the link.