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Been Around The Blogs and I, I, I: Patience

Katiebabs has a review of the eagerly awaited Lisa Valdez book, Patience. It sounds like an absolute scream… and not in a good way.

Katie’s review starts:

As I read Patience, a few things stood out for me:

The virginal heroine Patience has an interesting family trait: thick, distended nipples. She’s also is skilled at giving fellatio because when she and her sisters where little girls, they spotted one of their maids “servicing” their butler. From that educational viewing, they decided to grab some cucumbers from their family’s garden and practice their sucking techniques. Patience becomes so good at “servicing” cucumbers that she soon wins the, “very expert at not scoring the skin” blue ribbon. Patience also enjoys having her bottom spanked by the hero countless times, over the other incredible sexual pleasures his is more than willing to give her.

The hero Matthew deeply appreciates Patience’s skills at fellatio, so much so, his release is much like the “fiery waters of the river Styx, his cum was a fierce and flowing tide.” And as his river floweth, Patience “found her rapture while drinking voraciously of the virile communication he fed her.”

Thick distended nipples eh? Don’t we all have that problem?

For more hilarity pop over to KB’s blog.


  • Sucking cucumbers…clearly I’ve been doing it wrong all these years…


  • I was wishing Matthew would have had more fun with Patience’s nipples, but he enjoyed smacking her ass more.


  • Las
    April 7
    8:04 pm

    I actually liked Passion even while thinking that it was pretty ridiculous. I didn’t think the book was good, but it was enjoyable. I thought Valdez showed real promise and I looked forward to seeing her writing improve.

    That…doesn’t seem to have happened.


  • Sucking cucumbers…clearly I’ve been doing it wrong all these years…


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