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In the past few weeks, between one thing and another thing, I’ve done more re-reading of old favorites than reading of new books.

Among the re-reads were all the Psy/Changeling books, and a couple of Stephanie Laurens’ Bastion Club novels. Reading these two authors so close together has made me appreciate the former even more, and wonder (once again) at my attachment to the latter.

The changelings in Ms Singh’s universe often talk about their beasts and how said beasts’ reactions differ from their human side. This makes complete sense in the context of the series, because the changelings are both human and animal. On the other hand, when Laurens’ heroes start going on about handing the reins (and what’s with the horse racing thing, by the way?) to their primitive selves and the like, I can’t start wondering whether they would benefit from some quality shrink time.

What say you?