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My Google Reader has been out of control of late, and I’ve been pretending that the posts on there will just read themselves. Not happening. Anyway here are some of the more noteworthy blog posts.

First off, Stacy has a really touching post on her blog entitled: We Are Our Own Worst Enemy:

She starts:

I have to rant a little here, about how frustrating it is to see beautiful, successful women like Kate Hudson having plastic surgery. Kate is a little bit of the kind of woman I wish I was (only a little, mind you). I was always envious of her vivacious personality, her cute looks, her ability to attract people to her. I’m so the opposite, so people who are so alive and full of energy intrigue me. I was disappointed when I saw these pictures because I really thought she was happier with herself. I guess that’s what Hollywood can do to you. Give the most well-adjusted person low self-esteem.

The part that really touched me was this bit: (more…)

These are public documents, but they do make for interesting reading:

Motion for Reconsideration
Plaintiff’s Response

After the initial court appearances, it seems that EC have failed over and over again to show up to court, but they seem to be arguing that default judgements shouldn’t have been made without giving them time to respond, despite their lack of attendance.

Christina Brashear is also trying to claim money for Tina Engler not paying her the “value of her shares of stock, her pro rata shareholder distributions or her personal income tax liability attributable to her percentage interest in Elloras Cave reported in tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service.”

According to EC however, she “relinquished her “rights” to salary distributions from EC when she engaged in conduct that was detrimental to Elloras Cave“, conduct for which she was sacked.

Brashear is also trying to claim for breach of fiduciary duty against EC for depriving her of all EC related income. EC of course dispute this, by claiming that Brashear had no interest in any of the companies, such as Lady Jaided, Jasmine Jade etc, and was in fact putting all her efforts into Samhain Publishing.

It’s all very complicated, but it seems to me that the only people who are getting anything out of this are the lawyers.

Thanks to you-know-who for sending over the docs.