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Yet another over thirty year old male virgin writes:

I’m in the exact position of Chris #38. Hilarious how similar our stories are. Although, I have been on several dates.

I basically gave up on women in my 20s for that very reason. I got a late start as it is–only started dating in my mid ’20s. But by that time there was no such thing as ‘dating’, for the females it seemed like some kind of panicked progression on the ladder to marriage/kids that I wanted nothing to do with.

There have been a few close calls, but I could never seal the deal because I was pretty honest about me being a biological dead end.

It’s funny because occasionally I’ll attract some random chick out of the blue but once she finds out about my V-Card status it’s all over. I must be some kind of FREAK! The heroin addict, wife beater, or violent felon you were dating before meeting me was totally normal though. : ) Hilarious–but utterly predictable.

I recently got into shape (used to be really fat) and seem to attract attention from females, but I don’t have that pavlovian response to vagina that would get me to act on these supposed signs I’ve been noticing. Which is why I advise all men to get laid before they’re 20–if you plan on having any kind of passion at all.

Anyway–athiest, mid-30s, childfree virgins unite!

Are women in their twenties truly only using the dating game as a means to an end? Do they all really only want to date just to get married?