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As most of you may have noticed, Jane’s rather light-hearted Romantic Times conference recap got hi-jacked by one of the Mr Romance contestants after he took exception to….. erm….ahh who the fuck knows?

If I’m honest, his story changed so many times that I’m pretty confused about what his actual problem was.

Anyway, this post isn’t really about him.

Blogger, Sidhe Vicious wrote a long and rambling rant, firstly sympathising with Antonio Angeletti’s plight, having been sexually abused by a bunch of “disgusting drunk fat women”. (She swears blind her rant wasn’t aimed at anybody specifically, but we all know how that works.) Admittedly the use of the quote was slightly out of context, but I think you get the gist.

Anyway, she was also incensed about people treating Angeletti like shit, just because he was a stripper. I’m not even sure that holds any water seeing as the readers and commenters were perfectly fine with that other RT contestant, Andrew something-or-other. Maybe because he came across as lucid and rational, who knows?

Sidhe wrote:

Can I just say that I am truly disappointed in the human race today… I feel terrible for all the Mr. Romantic Times contestants, models, strippers, etc. Whether or not these men are paid to be there to entertain in whatever capacity they are, there is no excuse to treat any of them like a piece of meat! Sure, maybe there are 1 or 2 in every bunch who’s actions may invite it, but again, do not judge them all by that one or two individuals actions.

I consider myself pretty liberal-minded about most things, however there are some things that I refuse to be all lily-livered about. And strippers who bitch about being treated like pieces of meat are one of them. (more…)