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1. I’m far too hot to blog properly.

2. I haven’t read a book in two weeks.

3. I’m back on my annual holiday health kick and I managed to lose a whopping 9lbs this week, bikini here I come, whoop, whoop!

4. Derek Hough from Dancing With The Stars is a creative genius, and I think I have a slight crush on him.

5. Shemar Moore who plays Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds makes me want to squee like a girl.

6. TTG looks hot without his shirt on.

7. Why hasn’t Julia Spencer Fleming released her next Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne novel yet? I don’t want to wait until next bloody year!

8. My garden looks beautiful in this light.

9. I have some of the best female friends ever. Fact.

10. I have a new niece coming in September, and I’m so damned excited!

11. This weekend has been a feast of fun and it’s s shame it’s nearly over.

12. I have no idea what’s been going on in RomLand.

13. It’s the World Cup soon, yay!!! Come on England!!!