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I see that Americans went for the safe and sanitized rocker, Lee Dewyze, for the win. No doubt all the text-happy tweens, pre-menopausal women, and Christian evangelists had a hand in crowning him the winner. Nothing new there then.

I guess I was hoping that voters would choose the winner based on actual talent, rather than on who they’d most like to sleep with.

Listen, I liked Lee, I did, but there was no way he was more talented than Crystal. Even he knew that.

Last year when safe, and sanitized tween-magnet, Kris Allen beat out Adam Lambert, I knew how the script was going to go. Kris would probably die in obscurity, because the people who voted for him probably wouldn’t buy his records, whilst the decidedly unsafe and unpredictable Adam would probably dance amongst the stars. I wasn’t wrong was I? Adam will be Lady Gaga to Kris’s Taylor Swift. One is an American darling who will fade once her fans grow breasts, and the other is an international star, whose stock will continue to rise for a long time to come.

It’s funny how many of the losers have gone on to do better than the actual winners.
Chris Daughtry was on one of the earlier Idol shows with his band, and he didn’t even make it to the semis did he? I’m still convinced that the only reason Kelly Clarkson won was because Americans thought she was the safe choice. Nine seasons gone, and Americans have only gotten it right two times it seems.

I give American Idol one more season without Simon. Simon Cowell is American Idol. It would be like going to see the Beatles without Paul McCartney, and who the fuck wants to do that? (Actually, I wouldn’t want to see them even with McCartney, but that’s beside the point).

Good luck Lee, but I think you know as well as we do that Crystal will outsell you massively. It’s an American Idol tradition these days. At least Crystal wont have to turn into an Idol-Bot, churning out shit music, album after album.

I should be grateful that at least the pretty boy with the girly hair didn’t make it to the final. Now that would have been ridiculous.


  • I’m so glad I gave up on this show last year. After seeing them go with good but safe Kris Allen over amazing but controversial Adam Lambert, I quit watching.


  • Randi
    May 27
    3:33 pm

    I don’t even pay attention. The only part of American Idol I watch are the auditions. Pure entertainment gold, there. Once the auditions are done, I’m outta there.


  • Bonnie L.
    May 27
    4:24 pm

    Sleepy, confidence-challenged Lee winning is the cap to the most boring season of Idol ever. Out of thousands of auditions and this is all they could come up with? I stopped watching this season several weeks back because I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. What a sad end to what used to be an entertaining show.


  • At least Crystal wont have to turn into an Idol-Bot, churning out shit music, album after album.

    Exactly, and this is why it’s actually better to place second. I’m glad for her sake even though it was wrong, wrong, wrong.

    I honestly can’t wait for her to get through the stupid Idol tour they have to go on so she can start doing her real work–making an album for us.


  • I only caught the last few minutes of Idol episodes while waiting for something else to come on. Even with those little bits, it was obvious Crystal was better and more unique, and Lee, while talented, sounded like every other male singer out there.

    Idol Voter Conspiracy Theory: Vote the obvious second placer into first so we can get real music out of the true winner.


  • I’m so glad I didn’t cheat last night to find out who the winner was (I’m in CA I could have found out by 7 p.m. on the Net) ’caused I would have missed a very entertaining show. Paula slurring in pink, Ricky Gervais and Janet lip singing Nasty. But the crowning of Lee killed me. Were we not watching the same show America? If someone can’t sing their own single twice do you really think they should win? But I guess that’s the point of the show. Crowing someone who wouldn’t have a chance otherwise. The people who won before with a modicum of success would have got there eventually. (Kelly, Fantasia and Carrie.)

    I guess the balm will be that Crystal will still come out with an album.

    Lastly, I wonder if Jennifer Hudson refused to come on the show or they didn’t ask.


  • No point fretting over who won since–as you pointed out–it doesn’t predict actual success. 🙂


  • You called it on this one, Karen. I honestly can’t *follow* Idol at all anymore. I don’t know whether it’s the talent, the judges, or it’s just the same-old, same-old now. Isn’t Simon C coming up with a new talent show? I’ll watch that. I think Simon is a genius.


  • Edie
    May 28
    12:38 pm

    This was my first season watching, and my last.
    It seems to be more of a popularity contest rather than a singing contest.
    Though I don’t think the judges did that well either.. most of the people I thought were impressive in the auditions etc didn’t make it to the top whatever it was.

    And while I picked the squeaky Lee would get by thanks to the teeny boppers etc, it is still disappointing.
    I don’t know much about music, but he sounded out of tune/off key most of the time to me. oi


  • As much as I agree with a lot said here, I do have to disagree about some of the winners would have made it anyway. Kelly, maybe, but consider how much improvement she had to go through on the first season to win. Hard to say if that polishing would have happened otherwise. Carrie could sing, but dear God that woman had no performance skills…actually not until AFTER the show crowned her. And Fantasia was looking at her only chance, really, considering her position as a single mother, her very limited income, her education and her prospects for financial improvement. Idol was a huge risk for her that thankfully paid off and allowed her to provide for her family in a way she’d only dreamed.

    It’s not wholly evil, so it’s not fair to say that all the ones who’ve done well would have done so without them. Opportunity, circumstances, risk, demographics, commerciality, and distribution of the final product all play a part. Truth is, talent is never the whole ingredient for success, and that’s in every field.



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  • EC Sheedy
    May 29
    4:49 am

    VTR1000 Lady. You are making me so jealous! The iPad just went on sale in Canada today. Line ups everywhere . . . But I think/hope it will be in the fall for me. They sound incredibly sexy. LOL


  • I’m with you, Karen. If Crystal does a rock album, I’ll buy it. I wouldn’t play Lee’s if it were free.


  • I wasn’t surprised at the results after last year. I gave up on Idol three season ago.


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