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America has the KKK, and I guess here in Britain they have the rather scummy EDL.

Any excuse to cause trouble or to avoid doing something useful with their lives…like working for example. Ignorant twats.


  • I got 37 seconds into it and I’m done. Just today I stopped reading an AA book because a character said “Mom” sounded too white. I have no fucking tolerance for racism. None.


  • “I have no fucking tolerance for racism. None.”

    That sums up my thoughts perfectly.


  • Throwmearope
    June 1
    7:55 pm

    In the US, we call them teabaggers, now.


  • Karen W.
    June 2
    1:50 am

    Oh, ain’t *that* the truth, Throwmearope. They’ll say it has nothing to do with Obama’s race, but it sure looks and smells like racism to me.


  • cs
    June 2
    2:13 am

    I never knew this even happened. I don’t even know who these people even are. As a Muslim woman, this just makes me pity Britain even more. They say Muslims are ruining the world, well look at these drunk idiots.

    FYI: Allah is just another name for God. I hope people realise that when they slag of the name Allah, they’re basically just calling God a pedo. But alas, I never did expect much from idiots.

    It’s funny that these are a bunch of football hooligans as well, as it was mentioned somewhere in the clip. I wonder how many of them shout Drogba’s name. Chances are they’d turn on anyone who wasn’t white or a skinhead apparently.

    Good on that woman who was screaming at those pathetic pieces of human waste. As I said, I don’t live in England so never heard of this, and I’m not sure how bad it is down there.


  • Maili
    June 2
    9:07 am


    cs: “As I said, I don’t live in England so never heard of this, and I’m not sure how bad it is down there.”

    It depends where and when. It’s too complex for me to lay it out, really. Perhaps Karen can do it (and probably better than I could).

    cs: “Chances are they’d turn on anyone who wasn’t white or a skinhead apparently.”

    Youth violence and racism exist on both sides – in Glasgow, for example, there are Scottish Asian gangs go on prowls to beat up ‘white’ blokes. Meanwhile there are Scottish white gangs who do the same for Asian blokes. And while we’re at it, we have Muslims vs Sikhs, and white blokes from a certain area vs white blokes from a certain area. How about that Chinese gang vs Yardie wannabe gang in London, or Chinatown Boys vs Bulls, both from Birmingham? Sudanese vs Jamaicans, too? Fun.
    Not often, though. Usually happens on a Saturday night every other month, after a drinking binge. (Yes, some Muslim teens drink.) Idiocy exists, regardless of their creed, race, religion, etc. (In spite of all this, gang fights are not a common occurrence. They mostly bark more than they bite. Thank goodness! :D)

    However, organised rallies (like the one in the video) are more likely done by dodgy political organisations who mostly do it for money and political (read: racist) reasons. The majority of this country tends to frown on that sort of crap.


  • cs
    June 2
    2:53 pm

    Maili: Obviously I understand that it happens on both sides, it’d be ignorant to believe other wise. But I guess in any reporting you only see it when it’s white vs everyone else in regards to predjuice and racism. Maybe that’s just reporting for you. Where I live, I’ve never come across something like that video before, but alas I was hardly…shocked so to speak.

    I know Muslim boys drink alcohol too. I’m sure you didn’t mean it in any way, but I’ve always found it funny when people point that out to “us” believe me, I don’t drink because of my religion, but I do know others do and really if they drink that’s their view and belief. I don’t look down nor in actuality care.

    I saw a video where some Asian guys got in a fight with some BNP blokes on their street somewhere down south. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but whilst I was watching it, I kept thinking why are you idiots (the Asians) even going up to those twats? I mean…the BNP are filth and regardless what anyone believes no one wants them in the U.K. They do what they do, but getting into a punch-fight with them, doesn’t make you look cool or clever.


  • Maili
    June 3
    1:42 pm

    – Fair enough. 😀 I think I’m used to it because it’s been around since the 1940s (first with the Windrush wave (Caribbean / Jamaican communities); second with the Greek wave (including Malta) in the 1950s, and third with the Asian wave during 1960s (Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and so on).
    Britain was already a multicultural country and has been since the Roman days, but rarely on a scale of that size. So since 1940s, there were a lot of adjustments and tensions along the way. Nowadays BNP is a minority, nowt like how it was before (the NF (National Front), for instance).
    – I pointed it out (not to you as you’d already know, but generally) because there are loads of people who truly believe Muslims don’t drink at all. They tend to be shocked when they learnt some go on drinking binges.
    I know which video you’re talking about. I think they went up to them because those BNF blokes were on their ‘turf’, which they were. I think most British people here *would* confront other people if they feel they are trouble. Either way, that young bloke shouldn’t have spat at the leader – that’s just inviting trouble.
    British Asians (people of Indian and Pakistan heritages, rather than East Asians) in general have strong feelings about being British, so they – and other groups including mine – don’t take it kindly when groups like the BNP insists on a specific criteria of ‘British’.
    I also think younger generations (regardless of race) are a lot more likely to start a confrontation than our generations ever were. My eyebrows were sky-high when my fourteen-year-old brother and his friends (all mixed race like me) went up to this bloke, in his 50s, for making racist comments. They basically embarrassed him into apologising to me. I wasn’t anything like them when I was his age (he’s 20 now) as I’d have just frowned and walked away, but apparently his generation has no qualms in dealing with people like the BNP. I still don’t know if it’s a good thing, though, but alas. 🙂


  • Grrrly
    June 4
    8:01 pm

    I really don’t get why racists, nationalists, classists, or any other person considers themselves, personally, superior to anyone else, when they haven’t actually *done* anything to be proud of. So you had the genetic luck of the draw to be born a certain race, or in a certain geographical location, or into a certain social class. So fucking what? It’s not like *you* personally accomplished anything. So you march and bitch and moan about how some “other” is ruining your country or golf club or state or whatever, but what in the hell have *you* ever done to improve the situation for *everybody*? It’s like all the protesters who march against abortion, but simultaneously want to block funding to comprehensive sex-ed, limit assistance to young families in the form of food stamps, job training, and housing and child-care subsidies, and hold purity balls while their vaginally virginal daughters are doing “everything but…”. They have no interest in finding or attacking the root causes of whatever issue they’re bitching about, they just want an excuse to wave their little signs and validate their own ignorance and hate.


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