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The last time there was a spree killing in this country was on March 13th 1996. It was also my 21st birthday.

When I heard about the Dunblane massacre, I cried for about a month. I didn’t sleep properly for ages. Every time I closed my eyes, I envisaged those babies being shot by that psycho.

When an adult is murdered, of course it bothers me, but the murder of innocent children is something that always gets to me on a personal level.

Anyway, earlier this week, an apparently ordinary man, Derrick Bird, got two guns, got in his car, and went on a three-hour murderous rampage. His first victim was his twin brother.

Nobody seems to know what triggered Derrick Bird’s killing frenzy, and as is typical in these cases, he killed himself, so we may never know.

These are the names of the people he killed:

David Bird 52 Lamplugh – Twin brother
Kevin Commons, 60
Darren Rewcastle 43 – fellow taxi driver
Susan Hughes, 57
Kenneth Fishburn, 71
Jennifer Jackson, 68
James Jackson 67 – Husband of Jennifer Jackson
Isaac Dixon 60s
Garry Purdham 31 – Former rugby league player, brother of England captain Rob Purdham
Jamie Clark 23
Michael Pike 64
Jane Robinson 66

May they all rest in peace.