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I’m finding blogging to be a chore these days. I really am.

I always swore to myself that I’d quit when blogging started feeling like hard work. It feels like hard work.

Even keeping up with other blogs feels like hard work these days. I’m reading fewer romance books than I ever have before and I have no interest in anything that’s going on in RomLand. In short, I just can’t be arsed.

This blog turned five in April, and somehow I managed to miss such a milestone. Or should that be millstone?

Of course work is crazy at the moment, but I also find that I want to spend more time actually being with TTG, rather than worrying about what to write on my blog. Also, it’s summer, which means that I should make hay while the sun shines.

I’m not going to quit blogging, but I sure feel like doing so. I wonder if I’m just having one of those days…


  • sallahdog
    June 9
    2:34 am

    You go through this almost every year (at least the 3 or so years I have followed your blog… It usually happens this time of the year, which coincides with my busy season (which is why I notice it)…

    Give yourself a break and only blog if the feeling hits, it will pick up again.


  • While I enjoy you pissing people off with your blog, you gotta do what suits you….


  • SarahT
    June 9
    11:38 am

    Blogging should be fun, never a chore. I go through phases of blogging once per week and at other times I post five times per week. It depends on my mood and how much RL stuff I have going on. I’m not sure that I’ll still be blogging in five years time, or at least not in the same way.

    Why don’t you give yourself a break over the summer? You might find that you’re anxious to get back to blogging after a month or so, or you might not miss it at all.


  • Take a powder. Give your blog over to someone else for a while. Read other genres, sometimes I find myself reading far more non-fic than romance, and that’s okay.


  • You’re not the only one. Is it just me or has blogland lost some of its sparkle since Twitter came along? Or maybe I just can’t be arsed either?

    FWIW I’d miss you if you went. Not many people tell like it is like you do. I don’t always agree with you but I appreciate your arsiness and hope that soon you will be able to be arsed being arsey again. If that makes sense.


  • Sometimes we just need a break from it. It’s not that I want to see you take a powder or anything. But speaking from experience, sometimes I just got nothin’ and it’s very hard to be enthused and come up with something when that happens. Even if I’ve loved a certain book, the urge to write about it just isn’t there.


  • Barbara B.
    June 10
    5:00 am

    To be honest Karen, I find prolific bloggers like you and so many others rather impressive and amazing. I’ve got nothing but free time and there’s no way I could do what you bloggers do week after week. I can totally see how it can become just another grind after a few years or even a few months. A break seems to be in order. Or just blogging less on a permanent basis. One of the bloggers I read only posts once a month and I’m glad to get that.

    I’m not a blogger, just a reader, and even I can’t dredge up much interest in romances or Romanceland lately. It feels as if everything has been said and done to the point of tedium. I’ve been on a break from romances since last fall. It was the constant discussions about file sharing and piracy that wore me down.

    At any rate, I hope you take a break to recharge and just enjoy your life with TTG. I sure as hell would if I had a TG of my own. Although come to think of it, even though I’m tall, I’ve never been able to snag a tall guy. `And that shit ain’t about to change anytime soon what with me becoming a member of Team Chunk. Oh well!


  • Take a break… it isn’t supposed to be a chore.


  • I agree, take a break. Enjoy the handsome, tall guy and nice weather. Then come back when you feel enthused.

    Don’t think about leaving forever though. You’re my favorite blog. damn woman, you’re funny as hell, unapologetic and you’ve got better balls than most. Take a break and enjoy.


  • Thanks Guys, I definitely think a break is in order. Life is too short.


  • Shelby Reed
    June 11
    3:38 am



  • Karen, I visit your blog frequently–and I’d definitely miss your strong voice and gutsy opinions. But, yes, I can see where blogging would get to be a chore–especially in a busy and full life. I know you tweet, so couldn’t you gather your tweets here until you get your groove back. Whatever you do, just enjoy it!


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