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We’ve Got The World In Motion…

Friday, June 11, 2010
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I’ll see you guys after the World Cup is over. You’ll be able to catch me on Twitter now and then, in the mean time…..



  • We did our fantasy brackets yesterday. In total fantasy …I picked England v US in the final, LOL. I picked England to win it all. But I do hope South Africa makes it to the second round.

    My husband is already off with a bunch of Mexican grad students drinking god knows what in their grad student apartments at 8:00am. We are certainly excited!

    See you in a few weeks.


  • You know Australia will win…


  • Throwmearope
    June 13
    1:45 pm

    US/England tie. What an upset!


  • On a national sports talk radio show this morning, one of the guys said he’d have rather seen the US lose than see the play that happened to Green happen. I don’t happen to agree sooo…Go USA!! (and thank you, Green! We’ll take it).


  • To win the World Cup, a team needs the combination of good luck as well as decent play. England rarely have any luck, and they sometimes struggle with putting in decent performances when it counts!


  • It seems that Argentina is the only team playing the way it should. England and Italy drawing twice. France looking as bad as Australia. Heck, even Germany lost an opening round game! (Of course, as I write this, Brazil has only played one game and could walk all over the Ivory Coast, but still.)


  • Yes, but Australia will rally…and if not, we never wanted to win anyway…


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