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A few days ago I read an article in msnbc.com about a Florida teacher who had been fired from a private Christian school because she conceived her daughter a few weeks before her marriage, to the father of the baby. Apparently the school director told her that “fornication” was grounds for termination (but only, of course, outside of the sacrosanct institution of marriage).

I fumed over this and wondered whether such a clause was spelled out in the employment contract–since in the article the teacher stated that the whole thing came at her out of left field, during a discussion to arrange for maternity leave.

Well, it seems the teacher and her husband thought it worth their while to check on the legalities of the issue, and found a lawyer that confirmed that nope, it’s not legal to fire a qualified teacher for having premarital sex*. Based on this lawyer’s advice, the teacher is suing the school for unlawful termination–and now the school has the gall to ask her to drop the suit and “consider the testimony of the Lord.”

Me, I’m thinking of that little thing about having compassion and charity for your fellow human being–you know, the kind that would make it easier to forgive this sin in order not to fire a pregnant woman, let alone a widow with five children, particularly in this economy.

But then I’m not a self-righteous asshole 😉

* * * * *

*At least not when it’s not in public, with a minor, with a student, in school grounds and the like–you know none of those pesky illegal or criminal possibilities; this was consensual, adult-adult, private sex between two people in love.


  • Not only self-righteous assholes, but also stupid as all getout. It’s not only all the reasons stated above, but also the fact that in the US, labor laws PROTECT and are IN FAVOR of pregnant women. They will have to pay a large amount in settlement, me thinks, because if the case goes to trial, the school will, pretty much, be “hanged”.

    And the last sentence in the letter, ludicrous. I am glad they went public with this.

    And to think this is the 21st Century.


  • sallahdog
    June 18
    12:09 pm

    considering that pregnancy dates can be screwed up and aren’t set in stone, for the school to trust a due date one week before marriage is ridiculous (even if one agrees with the policy in the first place)..

    I am a Christian but this is not in keeping with christian principles. We are all sinners, we all mess up (in various ways), we are supposed to model ourselves after Christ, but fall short… Unfortunately all too often we get the judgy preachy thing right, but forget the grace and forgiveness and loving one another aspect of the religion which is actually the important part.


  • Bonnie L.
    June 18
    5:25 pm

    What Sallahdog said!

    As a parent, my first action would be to remove my children from that school.


  • willaful
    June 18
    5:58 pm

    I can’t help wondering if this is *really* about the “fornication” or about the fact that they’re an interracial couple.


  • “Not only self-righteous assholes, but also stupid as all getout.”

    I absolutely agree…and frankly the whole ‘virgin Mary’ thing has always been a pretty iffy story to me and yet this mob wouldn’t question that. I would think it is more important for a child to have loving parents in a stable home and relationship than question the date of conception and compare it to the wedding date…but then, I’m a heathen…


  • katieM
    June 18
    7:40 pm

    I’m sort of a heathen too! Whether Mary was a virgin or not, no one can deny that Christ was conceived before she married Joseph. The so-called Christian school is ignoring a basic tenet of their own faith.


  • Mireya
    June 18
    8:35 pm

    I was raised Roman Catholic and went to a private Catholic school. When I was in junior high, the gym teachers, female teacher for the girls, male teacher for the boys, both married with other people got involved with each other. On the next school year they were not part of the faculty any longer. We later found out that they had divorced and married one another. To make the story short, the school didn’t go around calling all the parents to give explanations. It was handled with discretion.

    I wonder to what Christian branch does that school belong to.


  • Personally, if I was the teacher, my response would have been… “If I’m to consider the testimony of the Lord, then did you?”

    She’s married to the baby’s father. It’s not like she was shaking it up on youtube.

    If she had conceived with somebody other than the man she was marrying, I could understand the school’s position.

    But she’s married to the baby’s father.


  • How can they be so concerned about the values of their school and turn a blind eye on those who really need their “concern”.


  • As a so called ‘Christian’ school, they completely missed the point by firing this woman. I think it’s horrifying what they did, not only in the firing, but in their actions that accompanied it.


  • I could understand if she’s gotten pregnant outside of wedlock (and had no intention of marrying) since she’s influencing kids and one of the basic tenants of the Christian Religion (whether right or wrong) is not to have premarital sex.

    But the woman is married for crying out loud. To the father of her baby. Whether the kid was conceived on the wedding night or a week before shouldn’t make one bit of difference to the school staff.

    I say good for her for suing.

    Unfortunately it’s things like this that give Christians a bad name.


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