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Creativity, people.

Some of us are blessed with it, some of us *raising hand* really aren’t.

Ms Walker, author of the excellent Through the Veil (my review here and author Carolyn Crane‘s reaction here), is running a contest for ARCs of the sequel, Veil of Shadows. Please notice that it’s not a giveaway–one of those “post a comment and random.org will select the winning entry” or even even one of those “winners will be drawn randomly from entries with correct answers” or some such. No, this one is a contest, and Ms Walker is the judge, jury and ex… erm… award giver *cough*

She has all the rules (with big and small print) over at her blog, here, but the nitty-gritty is this: to qualify, let alone to win an ARC, the entrants must be witty and creative, stating in amusing and original ways why they should receive one of these shiny, coveted ARCs, above all the other greedy souls who want them…

...my precioussssssssssssssss...

erm… Yes.


And therein lies my problem and sadness.

(look at the sad:

isn’t that just pitiful? heart-wrenching?)

I’m, if not the clear winner, then among the ten runners-up to the NOT coveted title of “least creative people ever born.” Out of the running even before the race starts, as it were.

Oh well.

In lieu of an actual entry, then, here’s me spreading the word–go forth and write something witty, entertaining, original, moving (no sob stories, though–read Ms Walker’s disclaimer, people!), etc. and if you win, I hope you remember who told you about the contest…

…while I wait for the release date *kicking rock* as I slowly turn a thoroughly unwholesome shade of envy green…



I found the lovely sad drawing here. Since the blog is in Turkish, I don’t actually know who drew it, but I find it adorable. What say you?

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