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Deja vu

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

How often have we seen this:

I love (insert author’s name here) you guys are nuts. Yeah, so what if her books have sex in them. Whats so wrong with being open about yourself? No one is making you pick up her book, and i certainly dont see you going out there to write anything better.

in response to criticism of an author?

Sometimes the phrasing is a bit more sophisticated, the writer more articulate, and the spelling and grammar overall better, but the core message remains: if you don’t like what I like and have the gall to say so publicly, it’s because you are a talentless, envious hack and a prude–so there!

Personally, I’m entertained by visualizing these passionate defenders of whatever it is I don’t like or dare criticize, telling me these things to my face… :evil 😀 :