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God bless adult offspring

Friday, July 9, 2010
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

(and their understanding of their mothers)

So, the firstborn is staying around for the next couple of months. In late September he’ll be back at CalTech, (hopefully) hard at work. But while he’s here, he is making time for his mother 😀 Awful, I know.

What is truly awful, of course, is how well he understands me and my weaknesses. Today, he took me out to lunch (low key) and then…

to a used bookstore.

Where I found…


:happy sigh: This is what I call happiness.


  • FD
    July 9
    12:56 pm

    Does ‘Awwwww,’ count as a comment? 😀


  • I didn’t realize your boy was at CalTech!

    Sigh, and so lovely he took you to the UBS. Good times.


  • katieM
    July 10
    2:41 am

    Totally off topic: Is anyone else having trouble opening this blog using Firefox?


  • Lorraine
    July 10
    3:48 am

    How sweet…my boy is still a teenager but he loves going to bookstores, both old and UBS.

    I’m so jealous you found “To Have and To Hold”! I’ve been hunting for it for the last year or so. I know, I could buy it online, but I love the hunt. I recently found Karen Ranney’s “My Beloved” and squeled so loudly that the lady at the UBS was dying to know what I found.



  • MikiS
    July 10
    5:27 am

    Aw … you musta raised him right!

    (And for KatieM, I reading it right now in Firefox, no problem. I’ll admit, the problems I do have in Firefox tend to be my add-ins (NoScript, for example) more than the browser itself.


  • I am lucky beyond the telling: both my kidlets are avid readers (my siblings, all readers as well, are not as lucky: one in three is the best they’ve got 😀 )


  • Ooo, I’m green with envy over the Ibotson book. Your son is a sweetheart. 🙂


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