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Well, that was the biggest anti-climax ever. I wanted the Dutch to win, but Paul the Octopus got it right again. Bugger.

England’s performnce was abysmal. Enough said.

Unfortunately, I didn’t miss blogging even a little bit. I manged to read about three books, all DNFs. I think my relationship with romance novels is coming to a painful end, but hopefully one day, I’ll read an amazing book that inspires me to return to roms again, in the mean time, crime and thriller books are where it’s at.

We currently have my brother staying with us. He was in a car accident, fractured his wrist, and broke his leg in three places. He needed somebody to look after him, and I knew that it would be too much for my mother, so TTG and I have taken on the job. First couple of days were rough, seeing as he’s been in hospital for three weeks and hadn’t really been moving around. We’re all adjusting well. I hope he copes on his own when we’re both away overnight.

I think I caught on Twitter that DA Jane is pregnant, so huge congrats luvvie. Ooops, Jane isn’t preggers after all, my mistake, lack of following threads properly an all that, hehe.

I’m currently loving the new Budweiser Designated Driver ad. So funny.

Thanks to AL for holding the fort whilst I’ve been away, muchos appreciated.

I have sweet fuck all else to say, so I’m signing off now, I’ll catch you guys later on in the week. Maybe.

Cured? Cured????

Monday, July 12, 2010
Posted in: arseholes abound, Azteclady Speaks, rant

This story has been bothering me for months now and it finally boiled over:

Asshole cheating drug using pastor claims that therapy has cured him of his “urges” to use male prostitutes.

I call utter and absolute bullshit on the whole thing.

You cannot cure who you are.

Blame abuse all you want if it makes you feel better, but don’t belittle so many people’s sexuality just because you can’t accept who you are.