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Hmmm, this girl is only fourteen? *Shudder*

She’s responding to the sequel to my Step-Sibling Falling In Love post.

What is wrong with you shallow, condescending in-greats?!??!?!?! LOVE IS LOVE. no matter who you fall in love with, it’s still just as beautiful an experience as the next person, so why do you stick up your nose at someone just because they have the same DNA? that’s ridiculous! Granted, my brother is disgusting and i would never marry him in a thousands zillion trillion years because he is a snot nosed brat, but if you truly have experienced love in it’s true for, you would know that no matter if they were related to you or not…

truthfully we are all technically blood related because we all evolved from the same cavemen or were birthed from Adam and Eve or whatever you believe. the fact that you are able to experience love with that person is a sure sign you are blessed. So stop turning your nose up at people like that because you’re just jealous they have true love and you don’t! it’s not your place to decide weather or not they are allowed to love each other freely. that’s like saying gay people aren’t allowed to marry. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE LOVED. anyone who believes otherwise can go fuck a horse.