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Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

Well it wasn’t—quite 😀 but it started with just a tad of stress.

For reasons that have nothing to do with anything, I haven’t driven a car for a number of years (nine? ten? something like that) but in order to attend RWA—which is happening just over 35 miles southwest of my house—I have to drive down there. And back. Every day this week.

Freaking out time chez Aztec (and don’t give me the “like riding a bicycle” thing—I’ve been riding the bike for over five years now, and I’m still not comfortable with it).

But lust (books! fellow bloggers! books! authors! free books! did I mention books?) won over fear. So yesterday, with more than a little trepidation, I rented a car and drove down there a little before two. It was… an interesting experience for someone who stresses over stuff as much as I tend to do, and more so because the Walt Disney World complex? compound? is literally a city within a city—one I’m not familiar with, full of long empty roads that loop and twist and turn and separate (buses only, service access, etc.).

It was with no little relief—and some pride—that, about forty five minutes later, I managed to reach a parking lot right by the Dolphin side of the Dolphin and Swan Resort without incident. (Okay, so I had to stop and ask once—but I was within sight of the hotel, which should count for something right?)

Now, for those (few) who don’t know, the actual conference starts today, Wednesday, at 5:30pm with the Literacy Autographing, but I knew that a number of people were arriving on Monday and Tuesday (which is not surprising when the venue is WDW, right?), conference registration was open from one to four, and the super Super Librarian had organized* the alliterative Blogger Bar Bash (take one) for that evening. What’s a girl to do, right?

Armed with some cell phone numbers, I started trying to locate my intrepid fellow bloggers—and found none other than Kristie(J) and Super Librarian Wendy ensconced in one of the Dolphin’s main lobby sitting areas with author Courtney Milan. In short order we were joined by Madelyn Madeleine, a fellow reader from Australia; AnimeJune from the outstanding Gossamer Obsessions; author LB Gregg; Rosie from the wonderful Nobody Asked Me; and October debut author Tiffany Clare.

As always when readers gather, there was immediate common ground and conversations sprung up easily: releases we are looking forward to (and kudos to Ms Milan for her open enthusiasm over other authors’ work), promo items that work—or don’t; tips for conference newbies, writing, reviews, books…

left to right: Madeleine, Kristie(J), SLWendy, Rosie, aztec, AnimeJune and LBGregg

Later in the evening, after a quick stop at Wendy’s and Kristie’s room, we headed down to the Cabana Pool and Beach Club for the Bloggers Bar Bash. It was extremely funny to me that both Kristie and Wendy told Michele, our waitress, that we were expecting “a couple other people”—I knew it was going to be a crowd, and it was. Wendy has a pretty comprehensive list over here, but I can add tweeter Sarah Fisk, Liza from Blogging with Liza and her friend Paula, who is volunteering today to set up the Literacy Autographing.

While I didn’t get to introduce myself to many of the late comers—and I had to duck out relatively early, to drive back home to my poor dog, who really reeeeeeeelly needed to go out, mommy, now, please?—I know a wonderful time was had by all. I love how relative strangers can become so quickly and easily comfortable with each other over book and romance talk.

North and South came up (after admitting we have yet to see it, both Magdalen and I agreed that there is no doubt we’ll become Crusaders** sooner or later—and probably sooner). Laura Kinsale’s almost universally loved For My Lady’s Heart and Flowers from the Storm were discussed (are there only two people in the universe who didn’t like the former, I wonder?).

My only regret? I forgot to take pictures *head desk* Which sucks large, honestly.

*   *   *   *   *

*with the help of AnimeJune, who suggested the meeting spot.

** the great North and South Crusade was started back in November 2007 over at Kristie(J)’s Ramblings on Romance, etc.—and if you look on the left sidebar, you’ll see how many fellow bloggers have so far been converted.

*   *   *   *   *

edited: I had Madeleine name all wrong–huge apologies!


  • Jody W
    July 28
    4:35 pm

    I just saw North and South for the first time this week and quite enjoyed it! Sounds like you’re going to have a great week. I look forward to your posts.


  • Love North & South and have for years. And I totally feel your pain when it comes to driving. I no longer drive due to medical reasons (and haven’t in years), though I can. No one told me to stop. It’s a self imposed thing, but I doubt I could do long distances. That’s what I have a husband for. :p To drive me places, LOL


  • I saw North and South because of Kristie. Bought the DVD. Loved it to peices.


  • I’m not up on Kristie’s Crusader list, although I ought to submit myself. I saw ‘North & South’ a few years ago and loved it. I’m fussy when it comes to period dramas, but this one is wonderful. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat.


  • Wendy
    July 29
    10:56 am

    And I forgot to shout-out to Liza in my earlier post ::headdesk:: That’s the problem with RWA. I always end up more brain-dead than usual after about the first 12 hours of being here….


  • Carla Cassidy
    August 2
    4:37 pm

    Azteclady, it was great getting a quick chance to chat with you at the conference! Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed it!


  • I’m so glad you pushed through your fears and got yourself to RWA. It sounds like you had a great time. I love the photo. Everyone looks lovely. 😀

    p.s. How many books did you come home with?


  • Jody, Ms Holland, Vanessa and SarahT: well, this is shameful! How come all of you smart, insightful women have not yet written a post about the fabulousness (a word, I tell you) that is North and South?

    You must correct such a terrible oversight at once–and email Kristie(J) immediately after, so that she may add you to the honorable list of Crusaders (to which I hope, one day soon, to belong myself).

    Wendy, my dear–keep reading my next several posts on RWA, and have pity on me: spot me all the names I’ve forgotten and/or confused?

    Ms Cassidy, thank YOU!

    Christine, it was amazing–and I’m afraid to count them… *gulp*


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