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which means I won’t post anything coherent about RWA until Wednesday.

In the meantime, though, here’s the newest addition to chez Aztec:


Got kitten!

This utterly comical ball of fluffy fur (and he’s a ball, his stomach feels like a really tight drum skin) was found a week ago by a co-worker.

Next to the median in a very very busy road.

The rescue included some heroics and some drama (I hear rumors of an eight car pile-up, as a matter of fact), but the baby came home unscathedβ€”and an orphan.

He’s just about six weeks old (as of Sunday) and has yet to be named. Considering I already have a Shadow (a shiny black cat weighing more than 18lbs), do you have any suggestions for our new baby?

Please note that although he’s mostly black, he has three white spots (one in his neck, the second high on his chest between his front legs and the last one low on his belly near the tail) rather like clown buttons.

* * *

(once again, please forgive the crappy picture–technology ain’t my friend)


  • How about Halcyon meaning carefree? You could call him Hal for short. :p

    And he’s absolutely adorable. My 8y/o son wants a kitty but due to allergies and asthma and both mine and my hubby’s part, kitties are out. πŸ™


  • Oh AL – he’s adorable!! Thanks for posting the picture of him πŸ™‚ A welcome addition to return home to isn’t he?
    I’ll try to think of a suggestion for a name – though Destructo Cat is already taken.


  • JoanneF
    August 3
    11:06 am

    Adorable! How about Rigoletto or Bozo for his clown buttons?


  • Botones or Payaso.

    Sorry, I am not that creative but I do like to use my first language whenever I can πŸ˜€


  • Lucky–because he’s lucky to have you, A.

    xx’s and I’m still recovering as well,



  • AZ, he’s so adorale. Just a little ball of fluff.

    Hmm.. how about ‘Octo’ for eight, since he’s already used/bruised one of his nine lives and the eight car pile up. On the other hand, you could also go for ‘Trey’ for his three spots. I like JoanneF’s suggestions too for the clown button spots, or how about ‘Buttons’ or ‘Spot’–very traditional, but cute.


  • Aloha, AztecLady! Looking forward to reading your recap (I have too much to do to get my kids back in school this week that my recap will have to wait until next week).

    Thank you for rescuing the cute kitty! We had five “rescued” cats when we lived in Baltimore, but it was near impossible to bring them to Hawaii, so we found homes for three and brought two with us. They were very happy to see us come home last night!

    I was pleasantly surprised to see several drivers in my home town of Safety Harbor (near Tampa) stop to help turtles cross the road. We have many lakes feeding into Tampa Bay thus many aquatic creatures. I also noticed a driver stop in a Tampa suburb to allow a mommy duck and her chicks to cross the road.

    Perhaps these do gooders are romance readers who want our wildlife to have a HEA, too!


  • I think you’ve already “named” him Buttons. LOL! He’s adorable!


  • “Traffic.”


  • I’d call him Sunday


  • ::look away from the cute kitten Wendy, you do not need a cute kitten Wendy….::

    Lots of good suggestions so far. The ones I liked best were Octo, Traffic and Lucky πŸ™‚


  • FD
    August 3
    9:58 pm

    Kitten! How about Domino?


  • Patrice
    August 3
    10:13 pm

    How about Cinder or maybe Chance. Lucky is a good one too. What a cute little dude. Those eyes! I have a coal black cat and he’s the softest one of our bunch, like black velvet.


  • Oh how darling!!! I love how the heads of kittens always look too big for their bodies.

    Everyone’s name suggestions are fantastic, but I’m partial to Buttons. Not only does he have the buttons down his front, but he’s cute as a button, too! πŸ˜€

    How is Shadow coping with this new family member?


  • Alcott
    August 4
    1:48 am

    He’s adorable!! I love the Octo name and story behind it.


  • AWWW! I want to smuggle away with him in my pocket. Too cute.


  • Thank you all–he is indeed adorable. However, given the size of his paws (the picture doesn’t show this clearly) I have a feeling he’ll be rather big, like Shadow (who tips the scales at a bit over 18 lbs), so while Button suits him now (cute and sweet and funny and did I mention sweet and cute?), I don’t think it’ll suit him for long.

    “Traffic” made me think of crash… manly name for a big tomcat… Not sure yet.


  • Anon76
    August 5
    5:26 am

    Okay, if he’s gonna get big, how about Hagrad like from Harry Potter. Loveable but enormous.


  • my name suggestion is Dapple


  • […] in 2010, a co-worker found a six weeks old kitten on the road, and I decided to give it a home, Shadow adopted him. She played with him, bathed him, and pretty much mothered him from that moment […]

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