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It was a very sad (and still exhausted) aztec who dragged her ass out of (a very comfortable) bed around thirty minutes past oh-dark-hundred along with Kristie(J) and SLWendy. Both of them and Rosie had ungodly early flights back home, so the plan was to vacate the room, check out downstairs and be in a taxi (along with Rosie’s roommate, L.B. Gregg) by 5:30am. Despite the fact that no bellperson was available (I don’t think the management of the Dolphin realized how many of the 2100 conference attendees were leaving before dawn…) we managed to drag ourselves and our possessions downstairs and to the front desk without incident.

There I stayed with the bigger suitcases while Wendy and Kristie got in line (yes, in line—did I mention a bunch of people checking out before dawn?) to check out—and managed to catch a greeting, a goodbye and a hug from Beth Williamson, who was also leaving.

Once Wendy and Kristie had straightened their hotel bills out, we took thirty seconds for a picture, and then it was time for schlepping books, boxes, backpack and weary body to the car for the half hour drive home—then crash for something like six hours straight.

Exhausted and sleepy aztec, Kristie(J) and SLWendy

In no particular order, all the things I forgot in previous days’ recaps (or, memorable moments throughout the conference):

Chatting with the lovely L.B. Gregg (still have a crush on you, missy!) during the first Blogger Bar Bash, about life and kids and books and… some good news I’m hoping to be able to share soon.

Stopping for a moment at Alyssa Day’s table during one of the signings and getting a signed bookplate for my copy of Atlantis Redeemed—while pouting at the fact that she didn’t have any handy ARCs for Atlantis Betrayed (I wonder how many writers I scared during these short four days…).

Walking from the Berkley signing to the lobby, talking with Vivian Arend, who is both gorgeous and cool—she didn’t even mind that I kept knocking off her hat every time I hugged her (yes, more than once).

Learning that SBSarah (aka Sarah Wendell) is letting her gorgeous black hair grow long in order to donate it to Locks of Love. I love this—I have done it every two years or so for about a decade now, and my daughter has done it twice as well. Also, watching her amazing video of the Literacy Autographing—many of you, I’m sure, have already seen it, but I can’t resist:

I actually forgot to mention before that I spent some time with Ann Aguirre in her room, after the Berkley signing on Friday, sharing in the excitement of some really good news (once again, details when I’m free to share them). By the way, Ann can dance like nobody’s business.

Having the lovely May give me a precious little doll/cell phone charm to commemorate having met.

Visiting the goody room, repeatedly, every day (greedy beast that I am!)

Finally, getting away without paying parking ($12 a day—which may not seem very expensive to some, but which I had not budgeted for) for all but one day—Friday—due to a combination of factors, including equipment breakdown.

Oh, and the books—pretty, shiny, wonderful, exciting, new books! Wanna see?

Most of the loot (holy shit!)

(Of course, this doesn’t show a few duplicate titles which I have already mailed out to my sweetie—look forward to more joint reviews!)

To console myself I drove out to my coworker’s house to pick up the lovely kitten—who, by the way, has conquered the new shiny book pile…

“All your books are belong to us”

…and got himself a name too!

Intrepid explorer and avid hunter, he’s been christened Pounce de León—Pounce for short. What do you guys think?

* * * * * * * * * *

Gratuitous Pounce pics:

“All your shorts are belong to us, too!”

(blurry) size comparison: Pounce and Alana

No fear

“I iz gorgeous, yes”

Yes, that is my shoe.

Being gorgeous is HARD work.


  • Holy Crap is right! That’s quite a haul. Thanks for doing this series of posts. It’s always fun to read the updates from the attendees. And I love Pounce’s name. 🙂


  • Jody W
    August 8
    3:25 pm

    What would you have spent retail on all those books? Does it equal the conference fee?? Just curious. That is a lot of books!


  • Aloha, Azteclady! Indeed, you netted some great books … it is easy to do so when you have a car! May and I spent several hours packing our suitcases for maximum in take for our flights over the Pacific.

    I wondered why Sarah was growing her hair – such a great cause!

    And I must have cleared the hotel check out line before Wendy and Kristie. Our shuttle transported six very tired ladies, including Margaret Moore and Kate Moore (no relation but both are historical authors). I felt like the ugly traveler with my overstuffed suitcases and carry on luggage (but I was unwilling to give up the books!) Luckily the bell cap outside Southwest did not weigh my suitcase!

    And I posted it before but Wendy the Superlibrarian was indeed super on our flight from Orlando to Vegas. She distracted me from my fear of flying by educating me on the history of romance blogging (I am such an infant in this world). Rosie (next to her) and Jill Shalvis (four rows ahead of us) quietly read.

    Great photos of the kitty! My feline friends continue to follow me around the house, seeking the attention that was denied them during my two month absence!


  • Anon76
    August 8
    4:20 pm

    Pounce is an absolute perfect name!

    And thank you for this wonderful recap. I smiled all the way through every post. Blessed be.


  • Vanessa, entirely my pleasure (self-centered so-and-so that I am 😀 )

    Jody, considering that there are about 20 trade, three hardcovers and over a hundred mmpb… hell, yeah–the conference fee and then some! (and I am by no means one of the most greedy over-acquisitive of the attendees–I hear some people got close, if not over, to a hundred and sixty books total).

    Kim, it was very cool to chat a bit more with you that Monday after the conference.

    Anon76, isn’t it? 😀 and he’s determined to live up to it, he’s pouncing away at my bare feet as I type.


  • Karen W.
    August 9
    1:01 am

    I’ve enjoyed your reports and pictures very much, so thanks for sharing with us!

    Wow — what a haul!!! I actually said, “OMG” out loud when that picture came up. Jealous. 🙂

    I just love little Pounce. There’s nothing cuter than a kitten!


  • Love the name Pounce!! I think you got it just right. Although I haven’t commented on every post, I’ve enjoyed reliving it again through your series of posts *g*


  • Thank you, Karen W!

    Kristie, he does seem intent on living up to the name–he’s pouncing on the dog’s tail and ears, on the other cats, on my feet… 😀


  • Pounce is a perfect name! 😀

    I hadn’t see that RWA video yet, so thank you for posting it! What a great idea.

    Your stack of RWA loot is … it’s … just. .. .. holy shit–ake mushrooms! WOW that’s a lot of books! @.@

    I love hearing about other adults growing and donating their hair. I’ve done it three times myself, the last time just this past spring.


  • Thank you, Christine! 😀

    (The last time I donated my hair was in early September 2009)


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